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Breno Giacomini Football Camp and Dedication at Macdonald Stadium

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Malden native and NFL Super Bowl Champion Breno Giacomini returned to his hometown last weekend for his annual American Football Without Barriers Camp (AFWB), a football-related charity foundation. He was joined by former NFL Cleveland Browns tight end Gary Barnidge at Macdonald Stadium for the free camp that was also open to residents in neighboring communities. Breno and Barnidge founded AFWB in 2011 with the goal to spread the game of football to underprivileged areas around the world. They host yearly camps that support football clubs in other countries and also spend time helping American local charities. Camp participants s are regularly put through a variety of drills in an effort to improve their skills.

Particularly exciting was that immediately preceding Saturday’s camp was the dedication of the Breno Giacomini Locker Room. Mayor Gary Christenson, Recreation Coordinator Joe Levine, Malden High School Athletic Director Charlie Conefrey along with current and former Malden High School coaches, former Malden High Hall of Famer Dom Fermano, Breno’s former teammates, and family and friends were all in attendance for the unveiling of the plaque honoring him. Mayor Christenson thanked him for his continued generosity to Malden. Breno has stayed very connected to his hometown, always coming through for the youth of Malden, including supplying the Malden High Football Team with equipment over the years. Most recently, Breno funded the complete overhaul of the locker room which included new lockers and fresh paint at the Macdonald Stadium Clubhouse.

Unveiling of the Breno Giacomini plaque at Macdonald Stadium

Breno Giacomini and Mayor Gary Christenson under the plaque honoring #68

Breno Giacomini Locker Room

Breno Giacomini Locker Room

Released by the Office of Mayor Gary Christenson

Photos by Paul Hammersley