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Health Regulations & Ordinances

This list includes only those regualtions or ordinances most frequently requested and that can be enforced by the Board of Health Inspectors. If you would like information on a regulation or ordinance not listed and enforced by Health Inspectors, please contact Permits, Inspection & Planning Services .



Section 4, BOG Reg- Dumpster & Waste Hauler Regulation
PDF icon section_4_dumpsters_permit_20090527.pdf


Section 6, BOH Reg - Permit Fee Schedule
PDF icon section_6a_permit_fee_021214.pdf


Section 9, BOH Reg- Dwellings
This regulation is in addition to State Sanitary Code, Chapter II, Minimum Standards for Human Habitation, 105 CMR 410.00, City Ordinance, Section 9.40, Dwelling Units Inspections; Required and /or other applicable regulations.
PDF icon section_9_-_dwellings.pdf


Section 18, BOH Reg- Food Regulations
This regulation is in addition to State Sanitary Code, Chapter X, Minimum Standards for Food Service Establishments and the 2009 Federal Food Code.
PDF icon section_18_food_regulations.pdf


Section19, BOH Reg - Body Art
PDF icon section_19_body_art.pdf


City Ordinance, Section 9.40 Rental Unit Inspections; Required
Rental units must be inspected by Board of Health Inspectors upon vacancy and before re-occupancy. Exceptions are made for owner occupied dwellings with three or fewer units. If you have any questions contact Permits, Inspections & Planning Services.
PDF icon section_9.40_rental_unit_inspection_ordinance.pdf


Requirement for a Registered Sanitarian to Design Plans For Food Establishments
This requirement must be met by all applicants for Food Service Establishments as of November 20, 2017
PDF icon requirements_of_a_registered_sanitarian_for_the_design_of_food_establishments.pdf


Section 21, Restricting the Sale and Use of Tobacco Products and Nicotine Delivery Systems
This section was last amended on November 9, 2017
PDF icon section_21_restricting_the_sale_and_use_of_tobacco_products_and_nicotine_delivery_systems_2017_amended.pdf