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Hidden History: Exploring Changing Urban Landscapes

Event Date

Thu May 22 7:00pm

Hidden History: Exploring Changing Urban Landscapes on Thursday, May 22nd at 7:00 PM at the Malden Public Library, 36 Salem Street.  Join historians Ryan Hayward of Preservation Collaborative and Dee Morris of Historic Connection as they offer a virtual exploration of two Malden Neighborhoods, piecing together answers to a complex urban puzzle.  Four centuries deep, the landscape we live in is packed with subtle clues. Street names, place names, even the built environment sparks curiosity. Did Spring Street once lead to a water supply? Was there a dense forest at Oak Grove?

This program is part of Freedom’s Way Heritage Area’s new series Vanishing Landscapes offering an explorations of four landscapes, the changes that have transpired over time and the stories found among the stones and fields, street names and buildings.  For more information contact at  Photo: Haywardville Rubber Works building on Pond Street. Courtesy of Ryan Hayward, Preservation Collaborative.