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RFP's and Invitations to Bid

Request for Quotations 
The City of Malden is looking to place parking meters in its downtown area. The project will require the chosen contractor to core drill and install 115 parking meter poles. Parking meter poles will be provided by the City of Malden. The poles will be set in sidewalk of both brick and concrete, with about 75% being concrete. 

•    This project would require that the hours of installation be done outside of the primary hours of the downtown businesses.
•    The City of Malden will arrange for a DigSafe inspection prior to the chosen contractor's arrival.
•    The chosen contractor must be OSHA certified.
•    50% of payment bond required
•    Chosen contractor is subject to prevailing wages
•    The water and generator are expected to be provided by the chosen contractor.
•    Concrete strengths must be greater than or equal to 5,000 P.S.I.
•    The chosen contractor would be responsible for a daily clean up.
•    Supervisor from City of Malden to coordinate layout, oversee work and provide daily guidance.

A contractor will be chosen by September 14, 2017. Please email bids to
Ernie Ardolino 
Parking Supervisor 
City of Malden ​