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We Make Better Art When We Make Art Together

Event Date

Tue Jun 10 7:00pm
Malden Public Library
36 Salem street

“We Make Better Art When We Make Art Together” is the June installment of “Quiet, Please,” a free, monthly speaker series at the Malden Public Library. Rod Peterson of the Malden Sketch Group and Malden artist Susan Burke will talk about the art groups that they’ve been part of and how the experiences have inspired their own artworks.  The talk coincides with the Malden Sketch Group’s 12th annual exhibit, at Commerce Place, 350 Main St., Malden, through June 20.  “Quiet, Please” is a monthly series of talks at the Malden Public Library about arts, cultures and other interesting things. It’s hosted by Greg Cook of Malden, an arts reporter for and The Providence Phoenix newspaper.