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Permits, Inspections and Planning Services

The Permits, Inspections, and Planning Services Department facilitates a streamlined process and provides efficient customer service through technological upgrades, a coordinated effort of all departments, and the cross training of staff. This "one stop" approach allows the public access to multiple city services and functions and ensures more efficient planning, permitting and inspection practices for both residential and business development. The Board of Health also falls within this department and is a statutory board acting to enforce the laws and regulations governing health and sanitation.

In addition to the office hours listed for this department, we have hours where we ensure that there are inspectors available for in-person questions.  These hours are:

Monday: 8AM-10AM, 1PM-2PM
Tuesday:8AM-10AM, 1PM-2PM, 5PM-7PM
Wednesday:8AM-10AM, 1PM-2PM
Thursday:8AM-10AM, 1PM-2PM

These hours apply to Wiring, Plumbing and Building Inspectors.

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