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General FAQ

Find Malden phone numbers?

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Get directions to government buildings?

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Where is the Social Security office?

Social Security has moved to 192 Commercial Street, Malden. Telephone number (866) 596-8598.

Where is the Department of Transitional Assistance?

The local Department of Transitional Assistance Office is located on the fourth floor, Malden Government Center, 200 Pleasant Street.  Telephone number (781) 388-7300.

Do I need a permit to have a yard sale?

You do not need a permit to hold a yard sale on your property.  You must have all items on your property and they cannot encroach onto the sidewalk.  The City requests that no items be left behind and the area should be cleared of any debris at the end of the yard sale.

How do I find out if I need a resident parking permit?

This information is available under the Residential Section (Resident Parking Regulations) on the home page of the City of Malden web site and on the Malden Police Department web site.

What ward is my street in? How do I register for CodeRED emergency notifications?

Click here for information on how to register for emergency notification system CodeRED.

Assessor's Dept. - Motor Vehicle Excise

How is the value of a motor vehicle on the excise bill determined?

The value of a motor vehicle for excise purposes is determined by the Commissioner of Revenue at varying percentages of the manufacturer’s list price in the year of manufacture.  Condition and market value are not considerations in determining the value, nor is age after the fifth year. 

When would I be entitled to an abatement?

You may be entitled to an abatement (or refund if the excise is paid) if:

(1) Your vehicle is valued for more than the percentage of manufacturer’s list price in the schedule established by G.L. Ch 60A, Section 1;
(2) Your vehicle is exempt from the excise under G.L. Ch 60A, Section 1;
(3) You sell, trade or otherwise transfer ownership of the vehicle and transfer or cancel your registration during the same calendar year;
(4) You move to another state, register the vehicle there and cancel or not renew your Massachusetts registration during the same calendar year;
(5) Your vehicle is stolen, you report the theft to the police within 48 hours, and you cancel your registration and obtain a certificate from the Registry of Motor Vehicles at least 30 days after the theft;
(6) You register the same vehicle again later in the same calendar year.

Who do I notify and what documentation do I need if I sell, transfer, trade, junk or donate my motor vehicle?

You must notify the Assessor’s Office at (781) 397-7100 and provide a copy of your new registration or plate return receipt from the Registry of Motor Vehicles and a copy of the trade-in paperwork, bill of sale or donation or junk yard receipt. 

Who do I call with questions about payments?

For questions regarding the payment of a bill, please contact the tax collector at (781) 397-7090.  If your bill remains unpaid it may be forwarded to P.F. Ryan, Deputy for collection.  You may reach Deputy Ryan’s office at (800) 491-9788.

Further Info:
You are not entitled to an abatement if you (1) cancel your registration and retain ownership of the vehicle or (2) move to another Massachusetts city or town during the same calendar year.

No excise may be reduced to less than $5.00.  No abatement of less than $5.00 will be granted and no refund of less than $5.00 will be made.

Contact the Assessor’s Office if you have questions about your excise or abatement rights.

Further Info:
You are not entitled to an abatement if you (1) cancel your registration and retain ownership of the vehicle or (2) move to another Massachusetts city or town during the same calendar year.
No excise may be reduced to less than $5. No abatement of less than $5 will be granted and no refund of less than $5 will be made.
Contact the Assessor’s Office if you have questions about your excise or abatement rights.

Assessor's Dept. - Personal Property

Do you have the needed forms online?

Yes, you can download many of the Assessing Forms from the Assessor's Department page.

What is personal property?

Personal property is business equipment, office machinery, inventory, and furniture and fixtures.  For more information you can download the Personal Property Guide.

Who must pay this tax?

All business organizations are required to pay unless exempt by State statute for charitable, religious and non-profit status.

What is a Form of List?

It is a State required form notifying the Assessor’s Office of any and all business equipment, furniture, fixtures and sales inventory for each year.  This form must be filed by March 1.

Who must file a return?

This form must be filed each year by all individuals, partnerships, associations, trusts and corporations that own or hold taxable personal property on January 1, except telephone and telegraph companies and owners of pipelines that are required to file a Personal Property Return with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

Individuals owning or holding household furnishings and effects not located at their domicile on January 1 must also file State Tax Form 2HF.  Literary, temperance, benevolent, charitable, or scientific organizations that may be entitled to an exemption must file State Tax Form 3 ABC listing all property they own or hold for those purposes on January 1.

When and where must my return be filed?

Form of Lists must be filed by March 1 with the Board of Assessors in the city or town where the personal property is situated on January 1.  If the property has no situs on January 1, it must be listed on a Form of List filed with the Assessors in the city or town where you are domiciled (legal residence or place of business).  A Form of List is not considered filed unless it is complete.

Can I get an extension of the filing deadline?

The Board of Assessors may extend the filing deadline if you can show a sufficient reason for not filing on time.  The latest date the filing deadline can be extended is 30 days after the tax bills are mailed for the fiscal year.  Requests for an extension must be made in writing to the Assessor’s Office.

What is the penalty for failing to file or filing late?

If you do not file a Form of List for the fiscal year, the Assessors cannot grant an abatement if you show a reasonable excuse for the late filing or the tax assessed is more that 150 percent of the amount that would have been assessed if the list had been filed.  In that case, only the amount over that percentage can be abated.  You can avoid this penalty by filing on time.

What is the return used for and who has access to it?

The information in the Form of List is used by the Board of Assessors to determine the taxable or exempt status of your personal property and, if taxable, its fair market value.  You may also be required to provide the Assessor’s with further information about the property in writing and asked to permit them to inspect it.  Forms of List are not available to the public for inspection under the public records law.  They are available only to the Board of Assessors and Massachusetts Department of Revenue for purposes of administering the tax laws.

Who is eligible for an abatement?

Anyone who feels overvalued or exempt is eligible to file for an abatement.  You must file an abatement form at the Assessor’s Office within 30 days after the receipt of the first actual bill (a/k/a the third quarter bill typically issued in December).

Should I bring any data with me?

You should bring any information that supports your case.

Are abatement applications public records?

Abatement filings and abatement amounts are public records.  However, individual abatement applications are not public records.

Where can I see a list of the personal property tax rolls?

A list of the Personal Property Tax Roll is available in the Assessor’s Office.

What do I need to do if I close my business?

Communicate this to the Assessor’s Office specifying the actual date of closure.  It is also strongly recommended that you complete Form 496 filed with the City Clerk’s Office.

Assessor's Dept. - Real Estate

What is the residential exemption?

The Malden City Council and the Office of the Mayor have adopted the Residential Exemption which is intended to lessen the tax burden on eligible homeowners. The Residential Exemption establishes a “graduated” tax, reducing the taxes of lower valued properties while increasing the taxes of higher valued properties and non-owner occupied residential properties. The Residential Exemption is a tax-shifting option that municipalities in Massachusetts must vote on every year during the annual classification hearing.

Who is eligible?
Only taxpayers owning AND occupying a residential property as of January 1, 2010 in Malden AND using this property as their principal residence when filing state and federal tax returns. If the property is held in a trust, the occupying owner must be both a trustee and beneficiary.
Do I need to reapply if I received an exemption in 2009?
No. However, first time applicants have until March 31, 2010 to submit an application.
How much will I receive and how does it work?
This year every eligible taxpayer will receive an exemption of $873.36, fifty percent of which will appear as a credit on the January, 2010 bill and the other fifty percent will be credited on the April, 2010 bill.
Will this affect my Statutory exemption?
No. Statutory exemptions such as Widow’s, Veterans, Legally Blind, Elderly (70 and over), and others will not be affected. You will continue to receive your full exemption. Please note: Massachusetts General Laws require that a taxpayer cannot pay less than 10% of the full tax due. If a taxpayer receives both a Statutory and Residential Exemption and amount due is less than 10%, the City will adjust the amount of the Residential Exemption.
This serves as a summary and will not answer every question. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Assessor’s Office at (781) 397-7100 or email us at
Who should I call if I have a question about my taxes?

If you have any questions about current taxes, back taxes, or non-assessed value issues, please call the Treasurer's Office (781) 397-7090.

Who should I call if I have a question about my property value?

If you have any questions about your assessment, please call the Assessor’s Office at (781) 397-7100.

What does 100% of full and fair cash value mean?

The courts have defined this phrase to mean “current market value,” the price arrived at by a willing buyer and a willing seller, each with a good knowledge of the market and each acting without undue pressure or compulsion.  Thus, in determining value, assessors seek to approximate what property would sell for on the open market, within an acceptable range of error.

How can I check my property information?

See online Assessor's Database, or call or visit the Assessor's Office for property ownership information. 

What is Proposition 2½ and how does it affect my assessment?

Proposition 2 ½ is a State Law which restricts the increase on the total levy limit to no more than 2 ½%.  The levy is defined as the total amount of tax dollars we actually bill for the entire City, while the levy limit is defined as the maximum amount we could bill.  The difference between the levy limit and the actual levy is called excess levy capacity. 

A very important exclusion for this limit is what is know as new growth.  New grown is best defined as new construction or improvements that people make to their property.  As a result, the actual total tax dollars the City bills may be greater than 2 ½% of the actual levy from the previous year.  For the individual taxpayer or homeowner, it is important to remember that the 2 ½% limit does not limit the increase of your individual property to 2 ½%.  In fact, there is no limit on the individual value increase or tax increase on any one property as long as the value is fair, equitable and an accurate reflection of market value.

Can I view assessor's maps?

Yes, you can view the maps in the Assessor’s Office. 

What is the charge for purchasing copies of commitment books?

The charge is $150.

How do I change my mailing address for tax billing?

You must either submit a letter requesting the change to the Assessor’s Office, or you can download the Change Request Form, or come in person to the Assessor’s Office and fill out a change of address form.

Where do I go to get an Overvaluation Abatement Application?

Please visit the Assessor’s Office to apply for an abatement form, or download Form 128 (Application for Abatement of Property Tax).

How do I file an abatement application?

You must file an application by the due date of the Third Quarter Actual Tax Bill at the Assessor’s Office on the 3rd floor of City Hall, Room 317, or by U.S. mail postmarked no later than the due date as noted above. You may also fax a copy of your Overvaluation  Application to the Assessor’s Office (781) 397-7099.  Please note, if you fax your application, you must also mail the original application keeping in mind the due date as noted above. 

 Before you file, you should ask yourself three questions:

Is the data on my property correct?
Is my value in line with others on my street?
Is my value in line with recent sales in my neighborhood?

Remember that dissatisfaction with the amount of valuation increase and the resulting tax dollar increase is not grounds for receiving an overvaluation abatement.  Filing an overvaluation application, does not stay the collection of taxes.  YOU MUST STILL PAY YOUR TAX BILL BY THE DUE DATE.

If my application is denied by the Board of Assessor's, do I have any recourse?

You can file an appeal within 3 months of your Notice of Denial to:

        State Appellate Tax Board
        Saltonstall Building
        100  Cambridge Street
        Boston, MA   02202
        (617) 727-3100

Please note you must pay your taxes pending your appeal.

What happens if my abatement is approved?

You will receive a notice indicating the amount of the abatement and a credit will show on your next (4th quarter) tax bill.

Board of Health

How do I make a complaint to the Board of Health Office?

Call the Board of Health Office (781)-397-7049 during business hours and explain your complaint or concern to the staff person taking your call. If your issue is a matter for our Inspectors you will receive a case reference number for your use in tracking the progress of your complaint. Typically, once the owner of the offending property is identified, an Order to Correct is issued and time frames are issued for their compliance.

Does the Board of Health have a prescription drug and needle disposal program ?

Yes. Residents can bring any prescription drugs and used needles to be disposed of to the Board of Health Office Monday through Friday or to the quarterly Hazardous Material Disposal Day at the City Yard.

Does the Board of Health have a mercury disposal program?

Yes. Residents can bring any mercury bearing devices to be disposed of to the Board of Health Office Monday through Friday or to the quarterly Hazardous Material Disposal Day at the City Yard. Thermometers containing mercury will be exchanged for a digital thermometer as well.

What does the Board of Health do to protect the public from West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis ?

The Board of Health Office contracts with the Eastern Middlesex Mosquito Control Project for control services. These services include, but are not limited to, larvacide application in the city storm drains, trapping and examining mosquito populations in likely breeding areas within the city and trench maintenance. The Director of Public Health is currently serving on the Eastern Middlesex Mosquito Control Project’s Executive Board and will examine operations and budgets for the services to be provided in the upcoming mosquito control season. Click here for more information. 

I’m a landlord, do I need to have my apartments inspected by the Board of Health before occupancy ?

Yes. As of August 1, 2009 the City of Malden requires that rental units be inspected by the Board of Health for compliance with the State Sanitary Code, Chapter II, Minimum Standards for Human Habitation, prior to occupancy. The fee for this inspection is $50. There are some properties that are exempt from this requirement. For more information see Section 9.40, Rental Units, Inspection Required. Click here to review requirements (search "rental units").  Call the Board of Health Office (781) 397-7049 to schedule an inspection.

As a tenant do I have any rights?

Yes. Tenants rights start before they become a tenant. Please refer to the following for information that best explains these rights.  Click here to view Attorney General's Guide to Landlord/Tenant Rights.  

When does my landlord have to turn my heat on?

The owner shall provide heat in every habitable room and every room containing a toilet, shower or bathtub to at least 68°F (20° C) between 7:00 A.M. and 11:00 P.M. and at least 64°F (17° C) between 11:01 P.M. and 6:59 A.M. every day other than during the period from June 15 to September 15, both inclusive, in each year except and to the extent the occupant is required to provide the fuel under a written letting agreement. The temperature shall at no time exceed 78°F (25° C) during the heating season.

I think I might have lead paint in my house. How can I find out if I do ?

The Board of Health Inspectors can conduct a Lead Determination Inspection. If it is determined that lead paint is present, you will be notified of your legal obligations under the Massachusetts Lead Law

Where can I get my children screened for elevated blood lead levels ?

The Malden Board of Health Clinic conducts blood lead level screenings for free for children ages 6 years and under. This service is provided through a grant provided by the Malden Redevelopment Authority.

Where can I get a copy of a burial certificate?

The City Clerk’s Office can provide a copy of a burial certificate for a nominal fee.

Are there any volunteer opportunities with the Board of Health?

Yes. Malden is a member of the Mystic Valley Medical Reserve Corps. This is a volunteer organization that you can join and receive training that supports local public health efforts and emergency incident response. For more information click here

Cemetery Department FAQ

What are the hours of operation?

The office is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.;  the Cemetery is open Monday through Sunday 8 a.m. to sunset. 

Can I be buried at Forest Dale Cemetery?

In order to be buried at Forest Dale Cemetery, you would have to have been a resident of Malden for the previous 5 years. 

In the event you have an existing grave site with spaces still unoccupied, we allow 1 full burial in each grave along with 2 cremations (no Malden residency required for existing grave sites).

How can I locate someone buried at Forest Dale Cemetery?

We are currently finalizing our computer system to allow on-line access to this information. Until then, please e-mail Michelle Connolly at


Can I plant bushes at Forest Dale Cemetery?

Bushes are no longer allowed to be planted and flowers can only be planted 12” in front of your stone.

Are there rules and regulations at the Forest Dale Cemetery?

The Board of Trustees is currently working on new Rules and Regulations to be ready some time the end of Summer 2010. 

How does the pre-sale of grave sites work at the Forest Dale Cemetery?

The Board of Trustees approved the construction of grave sites at Forest Dale Cemetery and has voted to pre-sell a minimum of 50 grave sites in the new section using a lottery system.  In order to qualify, you must be a current resident of Malden for the last 5 years and have to have lived in the City for 40 years (the 40 years do not have to be consecutive).  You may sbmit your name for the pre-sale lottery by sending an e-mail to or by letter addressed to the Forest Dale Cemetery, 150 Forest Street, Malden, MA  02148.  Please state your currenet and former years as a resident of the City.  The deadline to apply for the lottery is August 31, 2010.  The drawing will be held September 21, 2010. 



What does Perpetual Care cover?

The perpetual care fee, which is paid when a lot is purchased, includes the following services which are the responsibility of the cemetery staff:  lawn cutting, leaf removal, snow clearing from cemetery roads, trash removal, removal of funeral flowers, filling new graves and seeding.  Cemetery staff is not responsible for maintaining anything planted on graves.

City Clerk

How do I register to vote?

BY MAIL: You may register by mail by downloading, completing, signing and mailing a Federal Voter registration form  to us at: City Clerk’s Office, Room 323, 200 Pleasant St., Malden, MA 02148. Please note that the form cannot be submitted electronically, as state and federal law require that your voter registration contain an original signature.

IN PERSON: You may register to vote by completing and signing a Voter Registration form at any of the following locations:
the local election office in any city or town;
a special registration event;
the Registry of Motor Vehicles;
a variety of state offices, including a Transitional Assistance Office, the Commission for the Blind, the Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, a Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission office, an office of the Department of Mental Health, an office of the Department of Mental Retardation;
the Secretary of State’s Office.

Within a few weeks of registering, you should receive an acknowledgment notice, which will tell you where to vote. Please retain this letter until you have voted for the first time.

Must I re-register to vote when I move?

Although you may register to vote at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, the Registry does not provide us with changes of address. Therefore, if you have recently moved to Malden, you will probably need to re-register as a voter.

Once you have registered to vote, you will remain registered as long as you live in Malden and answer your city census in January of each year.

If you move after you have answered the annual census and would like to vote from your new address, you should notify the City Clerk’s Office that you have moved.

If you do not respond to the census, you will become an inactive voter. Inactive voters are allowed to vote only if they produce picture ID and complete an affidavit of residence at the polling place on election day.

Can I vote by absentee ballot?

Any registered voter can vote by absentee ballot if he or she:

  • will be away from the city on election day;
  • is prevented by a physical disability from going to the polls; or
  • is prevented by religious belief from going to the polls.
How do I obtain an absentee ballot?

To obtain an absentee ballot, you may download, complete, sign and mail an absentee ballot application to us at: City Clerk’s Office, Room 323, 200 Pleasant St., Malden, MA 02148.

Please note that the form cannot be submitted electronically, as state and federal law require that your absentee ballot request contain an original signature.

Ballots are available approximately four weeks before an election and will be mailed to you as soon as a completed application is received.

Please note that, unless you entered the hospital within five days of the election, applications must be received by noon the day before an election and must be returned before the polls close on election day.

If you have been hospitalized within five days of the election, you or a relative may apply for an absentee ballot at any time, including election day. In this instance only, the ballot may be hand carried to you by a family member from the City Clerk’s Office.

Obtain a copy of a birth record?

Generally, your birth record will be recorded in the community where you were born and in the community where your parents lived on the day of your birth. To verify that we have your birth record, e-mail or call (781) 397-7116.

You may obtain a copy of your birth record either in person at the City Clerk’s Office or by mail. The fee is $10. Please note that requests for birth records cannot be made via telephone or fax, nor can certified copies be faxed to you.

To obtain a copy by mail, send a written, signed request containing all of the following:

  • name (married women should provide their maiden name);
  • date of birth;
  • a check or money order payable to the City of Malden;
  • a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Our address is: City Clerk’s Office, 200 Pleasant St., Room 323, Malden, MA 02148.

All mail requests are filled on the day they are received.

Obtain a copy of a death record?

Generally, death records will be kept in the community where the death occurred and in the community where the decedent lived at the time of death. To verify that we have a death record, e-mail or call (781) 397-7116.

You may obtain a copy of a death record either in person at the City Clerk’s Office or by mail. The fee is $10. Please note that requests for death records cannot be made via telephone or fax, nor can certified copies be faxed to you.

To obtain a copy by mail, send a written, signed request containing all of the following:

  • name;
  • date of death, if known;
  • a check or money order payable to the City of Malden;
  • a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Our address is: City Clerk’s Office, 200 Pleasant St., Room 323, Malden, MA 02148.

All mail requests are filled on the day they are received.

How do I apply for a marriage license?

To apply for a marriage license in Massachusetts, both parties to the marriage must be eighteen years old or have a court order permitting the marriage.

Both parties must complete marriage intentions at the City Clerk's Office during regular office hours.  There is a $30 fee, payable at the time the application is filed.  Both parties should also have proof of age.  A driver's license or other government issued ID containing a birth date is sufficient proof of age.

There is a three day waiting period between the time the intentions are filed and the license is issued. 

The license is valid for 60 days from the date the intentions are filed. 

The marriage must be solemnized in Massachusetts.

Please note that Massachusetts no longer requires blood tests prior to marriage.

Obtain a copy of a marriage license?

Marriage records are kept in the community where the marriage license was obtained, not where you were married. To verify that we have a marriage record, e-mail or call (781) 397-7116.

You may obtain a copy of a marriage record either in person at the City Clerk’s Office or by mail. The fee is $10. Please note that requests for marriage records cannot be made via telephone or fax, nor can certified copies be faxed to you.

To obtain a copy by mail, send a written, signed request containing all of the following:

  • names;
  • date of marriage;
  • a check or money order payable to the City of Malden;
  • a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Our address is: City Clerk’s Office, 200 Pleasant St., Room 323, Malden, MA 02148.

All mail requests are filled on the day they are received.

Get a dog license?

State law and city ordinance require that all dogs over the age of 6 months be licensed annually by the city.

To obtain a dog license, you may download and complete a Dog License Application. Mail the form to the City Clerk’s Office with a $15 fee and proof that your dog has been vaccinated for rabies.
Once your dog has been licensed, you will receive a renewal notice by mail in December of each year.

Where is Department of Transitional Assistance, Food Stamps and Social Security?

Food stamps may be obtained through your regional Department of Transitional Assistance.  The local  DTA office is located on the fourth floor in Malden Government Center, 200 Pleasant St.

Social Security is located at 192 Commercial Street, Malden. 


Elder Services Department

Do I have to be a Malden senior resident and how do I start using this transportation service?

Yes you have to be a Malden Senior Resident.   Please call  (781) 397-7144 to make an appointment.

Do you provide transportation service to medical appointments to only the Malden area?

We provide door to door service to medical appointments in Malden, Medford, Melrose and Stoneham.

Is your transportation free?

Yes we have FREE transportation for any Malden senior resident for medical appointments, food shopping and a shuttle service to the Senior Community Center.

Do you have shuttle service every day?

The shuttle service is only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will pick you up from your home and take you to the Senior Center. You may eat lunch, attend a movie, play bingo or any number of other activities scheduled for those days. Please see our monthly newsletter for a complete schedule of events and services. Click here to view monthly newsletter.

How often do you take seniors shopping and where do you go?

Shopping trips are done on a weekly basis. We travel to Stop & Shop on Charles Street, Johnny’s on Salem Street, Medford. We also go to the Meadow Glen Mall once a month.

Is the Malden Senior Community Center open to seniors from other cities?

Yes, however, if an activity or event reaches capacity, Malden residents will take priority.

How do you apply for funds that are allocated by the Mayor and City Council?

Funding changes continuously.  For more information please call Jeanne Benoit, Interim Director of Human Services (781) 397-7144.

Who qualifies for emergency funds?

Individuals need to have lived in Middlesex County to apply for these emergency funds. The disbursements of these funds are processed by Christine DiPietro, Director of Human Services (781) 397-7144.

Who qualifies for the City Council Fire Relief Funds?

Neighbors need to notify their City Councillor to access these funds.

How much would be disbursed for the City Council Fire Relief Fund?

Typically, a $500 disbursement is made to help with rent, clothing, food, furniture, etc. for a family that has been displaced by fire. Please call Christine DiPietro, Director of Human Services at (781) 397-7144.

Who issues the park permits?

Bob Rotondi is in charge of all permits. His phone number is (781) 322-1112.

Emergency Management

How often is the city’s emergency plan reviewed ?


How often does the city take part in emergency training exercises ?

At least annually, sometimes twice a year. Recently we participated in a regional tabletop exercise that included 16 North East Homeland Security Regional Advisory Council  communities, state and federal and MBTA law enforcement, U.S. military personnel, area health and hospital professionals, Departments of Public Works and EPA & DEP representatives. This exercise centered around an explosion on the Medford – Wellington Station platform during morning rush hour. To make it interesting the explosive material was radioactive. This added additional agencies and expertise to the exercise. The After Action Report is in its final stages of preparation and will be reviewed by all participants to improve future performances.

How can I be involved in emergency response in Malden ?

The Office of Emergency Management is developing the Citizens Emergency Response Teams for service to the community. Once this group is formally organized notice will be made to the community seeking registration of members.

What should I do to prepare myself and my family for a disaster ?

Click here to access a Disaster Preparation Kit List. Acquire and store as much of these materials as possible and inform your family where they are and how to use them.

What is the best method of receiving information in the event of an emergency ?

If the power is on television, radio and the internet work best. If the power is out battery operated radios will often be the only consistent information source available. If the power is on or off try to stay off the telephone unless you have an emergency situation. This will allow more emergency calls to arrive at the public safety agencies and facilitate the use of Code Red or Reverse 911 to get phone messages to you.

Engineering - General

Is there Lead in the drinking water?

Malden’s water mains do not contain lead. However many properties have lead water services or components in their plumbing system which contain lead. We encourage property owners to update heir water systems to eliminate these components. The Malden Redevelopment Authority is offering low interest loans to replace lead water services, as well as other programs. The MRA can be reached at 781-397-1940.

Does the city allow a second meter for outside water use?

No. The city’s policy is that there is only one water meter for each water service. All water used on a property needs to be metered and the bill for water and sewer use is based on the consumption shown on that meter.

How do I establish my property lines?

The property owner would need to hire a land surveyor to layout the properties boundaries. Malden Engineering Dept. can assist by providing any plans we may have on file or by providing a list of surveyors known to our office.

What is the description of a public way?

A street which is accepted as a public way is owned and maintained by the city from property line to property line (back of sidewalk to back of sidewalk).

What is the description of a private way?

A Street which was never accepted as a public way. It is the responsibility of the property owners whom abut the private way to maintain it, as per city ordinance. The city does provide water and sewer service through a utility easement. Typically the city provides other city services such as snow plowing and trash removal as a courtesy.

Engineering - Water Meter Department

How do I read my water meter?

The water meter at your property has a digital display. To read it hold a flashlight over the display. To understand the information displayed, refer to the water meter fact sheet on this website.

Why do I have high water consumption?

We have found that increased water consumption, which leads to higher bills, is almost always due to a leak on the property. The most common are leaking toilets, faucets, and garden hoses. Even small leaks that are allowed to go uncorrected can increase water consumption considerably. Another reason would be an increase in occupancy of a property. Each person in a house uses an average of 75 gallons per day. That is equal to 2,250 gallons per month, or 300 cu. ft.

Fire Department

Where should I place the smoke detectors in my home?

Residential building designs differ from one home to the next and this fact may present unique requirements relative to the placement of smoke detectors. As a basic guide you should place a smoke detector at the bottom and top of every stairway in your home. You should place a smoke detector outside each bedroom. You should also place a smoke detector in your basement and/or in the area where your heating system is located. If you have further questions about the placement of smoke detectors in your home, please call the Malden Fire Prevention Office (781) 397-7384. The most important point is to always maintain fresh batteries in your smoke detector. Our recommendation is to change your smoke detector batteries twice yearly when you change your clocks.

Where should I place the carbon monoxide detectors in my home?

You should maintain a carbon monoxide detector on each level of habitation in your home and in the basement. If you have further questions about the placement of carbon monoxide detectors in your home, please call the Malden Fire Prevention Office (781) 397-7384. The most important point is to always maintain fresh batteries in your carbon monoxide detector. Our recommendation is to change your carbon monoxied detector batteries twice yearly when you change your clocks.

What type of fire extinguisher is best for my home?

The Malden Fire Department recommends a multi-purpose fire extinguisher for the home. When purchasing a fire extinguisher check the label for a 1A:10B:C rating. Make sure to read and follow the fire extinguisher instructions carefully. If you have a small fire in your home make sure everyone in the house evacuates safely. If you use a fire extinguisher on a small fire in your home be sure to evacuate the building yourself after you extinguish the fire and dial 911 from outside the building to report the fire. It is always best to have the fire department ensure that the fire has been completely extinguished.

Will the Fire Department refill my fire extinguisher?

No, the Malden Fire Department does not have the facilities to refill fire extinguishers. In fact we use a private company to service and refill ours. We recommend you consult your telephone directory to locate a local company that will provide this service.

Is outdoor burning allowed?

No, not in Malden. Although there are other communities in Massachusetts that issue permits to residents allowing them to burn outdoors, during certain times of the year and under certain conditions, Malden is not among them. In a city like Malden where wood-frame structures are built in close proximity to one another an outside fire, such as burning leaves in the fall, outdoor fireplaces or clay chimineas, present too much potential for propagation of fire to unprotected exposures and are illegal in Malden.

Does the Fire Department install or inspect child car safety seats?

No, the members of the Malden Fire Department do not receive any special training or certification relative to the installation of child car safety seats. We recommend that you carefully read and follow the enclosed instructions, when purchasing and installing a car safety seat.

Why do firefighters cut holes in the roof and break windows in buildings on fire?

When there is fire in a building the heat, smoke and other products of combustion rise and become trapped in the upper most areas of the building, such as the attic. The temperatures in these areas can reach and exceed 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This creates an extremely dangerous atmosphere inside the building for firefighters attempting to enter the building with hose-lines to extinguish the fire. The most efficient way to ventilate a building is to open it at the highest point to release the heat and trapped gases. Breaking the windows is the quickest way to release heat and trapped gases in the fire area and provide an opening through which the advancing fire hose can push the remaining heat, smoke and other gases out of the building.

Does the Malden Fire Department get cats out of trees or otherwise rescue pets?

The City of Malden employ a full time Animal Control Officer who has an office at Malden Government Center, 200 Pleasant Street, Rm. 517. The telephone number is (781) 397-7141. The Animal Control Officer can also be reached through the Malden Police Department non-emergency number (781) 397-7171. If you know of an animal who is in danger due to becoming trapped or stuck in a precarious location, contact the Animal Control Officer who will assess the situation. If the Animal Control Officer feels the Fire Department has the resources to assist him he will request our assistance.

How do I arrange a tour of my local fire station?

Fire station tours are a great way for student groups and other interested organizations to learn about the Malden Fire Department, meet Malden Firefighters and learn more about what we do. To schedule a tour of a Malden Fire Station please call the fire department’s main office (781) 397-7383 and let us know which fire station you would like to visit. You will be put in touch with the officer in charge of that firehouse and he or she will work with you to determine the best date and time for your visit.

How do I become a Malden Firefighter?

Malden Firefighters are hired from a civil service list of eligible people who have passed the Municipal Firefighter Entrance Exam. A person’s order of placement on the list is determined by criteria established by the Massachusetts Human Resources Division. This exam is typically held every two years. The last exam was held on April 26, 2008. For more information you can contact H.R.D.'s 24-hour Examination Information Hotline (617) 878-9895, call toll free (outside of Boston within Mass.) at (800) 392-6178, press 3 or visit the Offices of the Human Resources Division located at One Ashburton Place, 3rd Floor, Room 301, Boston, MA 02108.

Human Resources Department

How do I apply for a job with the City of Malden?

LINK to General Applications Statement and Form
LINK to Labor Services Statement and Form(s)

What type of benefits does the City offer its employees?

The City of Malden offers a wide range of benefits that includes health care and dental coverage, life insurance, long term disability, 457 Retirement and Flex Spending Plans.

I work for the City, where do I find internal information for employees?

Contact the Human Resources Office at (781) 397-7187, email or go to the employees Intranet Site.

Inspectional Services Department

What work requires a permit?
The City of Malden is duty-bound by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, General Law Chapter 143; section 94, and CMR 780 to enforce and use The State Building Code as the only document that regulates construction. The State Building Code requires permits for:
  • New building construction
  • Additions
  • Antenna
  • Awnings
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Chimneys
  • Decks
  • Demolition
  • Driveways(zoning compliance only)
  • Fences
  • Fire alarms
  • Fire suppression sprinklers
  • Foundations
  • Garages
  • Insulation
  • Parking lots (zoning)
  • Pools
  • Roofing
  • Sheds
  • Siding
  • Signs
  • Solid pellet fuel burning appliances
  • Tents
  • Walls
  • Repair, renovate or install new material
  • Changes in use
  • Alter or install a means of egress
  • Electrical installations or repairs
  • Plumbing installations or repairs
  • Gas installations or repairs

The application also requires a permit fee that reflects the actual total cost of construction. The City of Malden bases the cost of the fee by setting a rate of $13 per $1,000 of total construction for residential; $16 per $1,000 for commercial. The total cost of construction includes electrical, plumbing, gas, HVAC and fire protection.

Notwithstanding the inclusion of the related trades into the cost of construction, a separate permit is required for each of the sub-trades which, in accordance with law, must be applied for and granted to only licensed professionals. 

Exceptions to permits are: ordinary repairs or the following: carpeting, sandblasting, floor sanding, painting, wallpapering, pools under 2 feet in height, swing sets, etc.
Why do I need a permit?
The application and granting of a building permit is necessary to ensure that all new work, which includes repairs to existing structures and new construction, is designed and built to a minimum safe standard that protects the occupants, abutters and emergency response personnel.
The intent of the Building Code is to ensure public safety standards, health and welfare which are affected by building construction, structural integrity, adequate means of egress, sanitary facilities, light ventilation and heat and protection from fire hazards.
Permits for electrical repairs or new installations are necessary to ensure against fire hazard, conformity of voltage to operate devices and appliances and for protection from serious or deadly injuries. Plumbing permits are required to ensure against hazards to personal health and the environment, while gas permits and inspections ensure protection from explosions and fire.
Who files for a permit?
Several representatives may submit a building permit application:  1) an owner may apply for a building permit for any size structure; 2) for structures larger than a one or two family the owner may apply but a licensed supervisor or architect must sign the permit and be on the job site to assume responsibility of code compliance and construction if and when hired (licensed supervisor or architect must also present a copy of his/her license to the Building Inspector in person in the Inspectional Services office);  3) for structures greater than 35,000 cubic feet an architect or engineer must sign and stamp all drawings and submit an affidavit guaranteeing compliance of design and assuring they will perform periodic inspections of the work;  4) a licensed contractor may apply for a permit for building construction with the owner’s approval and consent and with an attached affidavit and approved stamped drawings.

The owner’s signature is always required on a permit application. The signature provides evidence that the owner has reviewed the document, signed a contract in accordance with the Home Improvement Contractors regulations and validates the application.
Electrical permits may only be issued to a licensed electrical contractor. Journeyman electricians may apply for a permit however a journeyman may not employ and allow others to install fixtures or wiring. Homeowners can apply for an electrical permit and will be granted said permit at the discretion of the Electrical Inspector.

A licensed plumber must perform all plumbing and gas work. Journeyman may apply for and be issued a permit. Homeowners may not perform any plumbing or gas installations. Permits are not required for changing faucet washers or cleaning a drain. All other plumbing work must be performed by a licensed plumber and permitted by the Inspector of Plumbing and Gas. 
Who can obtain building permits?

Building permits are issued to construction supervisors licensed by the State of Massachusetts. The state license is only valid for work involving structures of less than 35,000 cubic feet. As an exception to this requirement, building permits are also issued to homeowners doing work on one and two unit dwellings where they reside or intend to reside. It is noted that when that when homeowners are issued

Can an owner apply for a building permit?

An owner can apply for and receive a building permit to construct or alter a single or two family structure if the owner resides in the home. When granted a permit the owner may perform the new work.  It is important to note that owners who apply for a permit then hire contractors to perform the work are not entitled to protection under the Home Improvement Contractors Guarantee Fund.

Owners of other than one or two family structures may apply for a permit, but a licensed supervisor or architect must sign the permit and be on the job site to assume responsibility of code compliance and construction (the licensed supervisor or architect must also present his/her license to Building Inspector in person in the Inspectional Services Office).

Are plans needed to apply?
A current, valid plot plan is required especially when an addition or new construction affects the exterior lines of an existing structure and on all new construction. Plot plans are also required for demolition, sheds, pools, retaining walls and fences.
The State Building Code requires a design plan for modifications of structures or new construction of buildings or homes greater than 35,000 cubic feet in volume. The code also requires plans to be submitted when any changes to a structure affect a means of egress or fire hazard index.
In addition when new construction involves the creation of a bedroom in an existing single and two family structure, plans are to be submitted for assurance and placement of smoke detectors throughout the dwelling.  
For installation of fire suppression sprinkler systems and cooking hood fire suppression, a registered fire protection engineer shall submit the design and plans for approval.
Generally when an architect has designed an addition, new construction or remodeled a structure or when a contractor has been retained based on a specified set of plans, then those plans shall be filed with the application.
Where do I get a plot plan?
Owners or contractors should contact a registered land surveyor to obtain plot plans.  Plot plans are necessary to ensure compliance of zoning, environmental protection and fire protection.  In accordance with the State Building Code, plot plans are required for all new construction and for any construction or demolition that affects the open space or land area of a parcel. Applications for new construction shall include a current, scaled plot plan drafted by a registered land surveyor. Those plans shall identify the owner, parcel and lot area, existing distances to lot lines, proposed distances to lot lines and proposed foundations and floors elevations. All plot plans should carry the registration number, date of the survey and seal of the land surveyor. 
How do I arrange for an inspection?
On the back of each building permit card are items that are inspected for code compliance. On the face of the card are the usual inspections of each inspector.  The Building Inspector may perform as many as eight periodic inspections for things such as excavation, footings, foundations, frame, wall siding, chimney-fireplace, insulation and final for occupancy. 
To arrange for inspections by the Building Inspector, call (781) 397-7030 between the hours of 8-10 AM Monday through Friday, 1-2 PM Monday through Thursday or 5-7 PM Tuesday.
To arrange for an inspection by the Wire Inspector, call (781) 397-7012 between the hours of 8-10 AM Monday through Friday, 1-2 PM Monday through Thursday or 5-7 PM Tuesday. The inspector will arrange the best available time to meet the electrical contractor. 
To arrange for an inspection by the Plumbing and Gas Inspector, call (781) 397-7017 between the hours of 8-10 AM Monday through Friday,1-2 PM Monday through Thursday or 5-7 PM Tuesday. The inspector will arrange the best available time to meet the plumbing contractor.
In most situations both wire and plumbing inspectors perform three inspections on each project. Generally, they inspect underground - services, rough and finish work for compliance. 


Law Department

Does the Law Department provide legal assistance?

No, but our web site provides a list of legal referrals for your personal use.

I have a claim under $2,000. Can I file a small claim against the City?

The City, by statute, is not subject to suit in small claims court. Therefore, any action filed must be filed in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Will the City explain to me how to file suit against the City?

Contact your attorney to determine the proper method of suit.  It is up to you to comply with the statutes insofar as the courts of competent jurisdiction.

How do I file my claim against the City?

Depending on the nature of the claim, certain claims must be filed within 30 days of the date of the incident.  Other claims must be filed within 2 years of the incident.  You should contact your attorney for advice as to how to proceed. 

All claims must be in writing, identifying you by name and address.  The specific address of the incident must be included, the description of the incident, the name of any City employees involved and any damages alleged as a result of the incident.

A City employee informed me the City will pay for damages. How do I get my money?

The City has no free, available funds to pay claims.  Claims must be properly filed with the City and asserted in a court of proper jurisdiction.  Because the City is self-insured, it does not pay claims prior to instituting litigation.  Please contact an attorney.

Will the Law Department take legal inquiries and requests on the telephone?

No, you must submit your inquiry or request in writing.

How do I file a public records request?

The request must be in writing, your name and address identified and include the basis for which the request is made.  The specific information and documentation sought must be identified as well as any other information that the requestor believes is necessary.


When is the Library open?

Adult Department-Fall-Spring Hours
Mon-Thurs. 9:00a.m.-9:00p.m.
Fri.-Sat. 9:00a.m.-6:00p.m.
* Closed Thursdays: 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Children's Room-Fall Spring Hours
Mon. and Wed. 9:00a.m.-8:45p.m.; Tuesday and Thurs. 9:00a.m.-6:00.m.
* Closed Thursdays: 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

The Main Library is closed Sundays and holidays.

Fall-Spring Hours - Linden Branch
Due to staff shortages, hours at the branch are irregular. Please call (781) 397-7067 before going to the branch.
Mon., Wed. and Fri. 11:00a.m.-3:00p.m.

The Linden Library is closed Sundays and holidays.

How do I apply for a library card?

Massachusetts residents who present an acceptable ID may apply for a free library card. The ID must have the applicant's name and current address. Acceptable IDs include:

• MA Driver's License/Learner's Permit
• MA State ID
• Current school year report card/schedule
• Check Book
• Telephone Bill
• Gas Bill
• Electric Bill
• Bank Statement
• or Post Office change of address notification (has to have first and last name)

Malden Public Library cards entitle borrowers to take out materials from libraries in Boston, Chelsea and Malden (the Metro Boston Library Network). For further information, please visit the library website at

How long can I keep items?

Most items may be checked out for 21 days with the exception of videos/DVD which may be checked out for 7 days. For further information, please visit the library website.

May I renew items?

Most Malden materials may be renewed twice if there are no reserve requests. Books borrowed from MBLN member libraries may be renewed based on the individual library’s policies and if there are no reserve requests. Materials borrowed from outside of the MBLN Network may not be renewed.

Renew materials by:

  • Presenting your valid library card at the circulation desk at the library
  • Calling an Automated Telephone Circulation System (TeleCirc) at (617) 859-5908. Please have your library card and PIN on hand. Please do not call the main library number for renewals unless you need to select a pin number
  • Logging on to the online catalog at Please have your library card and PIN number on hand.

PIN numbers are available at the information and circulation desks or by calling the library at (781)324-0218.

What does it cost if a book is late?

Adult Materials $0.10/day; Maximum: $5.00 per item.
Videocassettes, DVDs/VCDs $1.00/day; Maximum: $5.00 per item.
Art Prints $0.25/day; Maximum: $15.00 per print.
Adult Museum Passes $5.00/day; Maximum: $25.00 per pass.
Children's Materials $0.05/day; Maximum: $3.00 per item.
Children's Room Museum Passes $10.00/hour; No maximum.

As a courtesy, three notices are sent as a reminder to return overdue library items. Patrons are responsible for returning items on time even if they do not receive an overdue notice. Patron borrowing and internet privileges are suspended when outstanding charges reach $5.00 or more, or when an account is 30 days past due.

Which items may I return in the book bin?

Books and magazines may be returned in the book bin. Please return all other items including audio- visual, museum passes and books with CDs inside the library.

Are there any programs for kids?

There are a variety of programs for children and young adults throughout the year with a special summer reading program during the summer months. Visit for more information on children’s programming and for additional information on the young adult room.

Is there internet access at the library?

In the adult reference area, there are twelve public internet capable computers: four 20 minute express stations that do not require a library card; six one-hour terminals that do require a library card; and two additional terminals which can be reserved ahead of time for up to two hours. All 12 stations are equipped with office productivity suites. We also have four stations to access the library catalog and for library database research. The Children's Room and Young Adult room each have two internet capable machines available. Printing is available for $.25 cents per page.

Do you have free museum passes?

The Malden Public Library offers free or discounted museum passes for Malden residents. Click here to see museum passes that are available at the Malden Public Library:

Do you have a parking lot?

Malden Public Library now offers validated parking for library users. Parking is available at two locations: The Central Business Garage (CBD) at the corner of Middlesex and Centre Street, accross the street from Walgreens on Route 60;  and The Heritage Parking on Florence Street next to City Hall.

We provide validated parkng in 1/2 hour increments for up to 2 hours.  Give your current, dated parking stub to the Library Circulation Staff as you enter the library.   We will give you parking coupon(s) when you leave the Library.   Inquire at the Information or Circulation Desk for more details.

Limited street parking is available outside of the Library. Please read signs carefully, as most of the area requires a parking permit.

Do you have a FAX machine?

The nearest FAX machine is located at Sunrise Convenience and Postal Service, 51 Pleasant Street, Malden.

Planning Division

Can my property be used for a [two-family dwelling/business/church/parking lot/other] ?

Use of privately-owned land in the City is regulated by the City zoning ordinance and applicable provisions of the state zoning law, Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40A. To know how your property can be legally used, you must know the zoning of the property.

How can I find out the zoning of my property?

To find out the zoning of a particular parcel, you must know the address of the property and check three sources: the City zoning map; records on file for the property in the Planning office; and records on file for the property in the Building Department.

The City zoning map shows the zoning district of a property. The zoning map is part of the City zoning ordinance. The zoning ordinance describes how property in each district may be used, including for what purpose, the required dimensional controls of any building or structure, i.e., minimum size of lot, maximum height, maximum footprint of the building, setbacks (distance) from lot lines, and the parking requirements, i.e., number and size of space, driveways, loading, screening, landscaping, snow storage.

Use of a particular property may also be controlled by the terms and conditions of a valid special permit or variance that has been granted in the past. The files at the Planning office should contain any records of any special permits or variances granted for the property. The files of the Building Department should contain records of any building and occupancy permits for the property, and also any special permit or variances.

How can I tell if my property is exempt from the current zoning ordinance, a.k.a., grandfathered in?

A property is exempt or “grandfathered in” from the City’s current zoning ordinance and may be considered “preexisting nonconforming” if it meets certain specific requirements of state and local law. Generally speaking, the laws provide exemptions for a building, structure or property or use and occupancy of a property that was legally in existence prior to the date the zoning ordinance ordainment process began

Can I change the zoning of my property?

The zoning district of a property may be changed through the amendment process. The process is lengthy (approximate maximum six months) and involves petition to the City Council, public hearing by the Planning Board and City Council Ordinance Committee, and an affirmative vote to ordain by at least eight members of the eleven-member City Council. Rezoning stand-alone individual parcels of property may be considered if to match zoning of contiguous parcels or to meet stated planning objectives. Generally speaking, a property owner may change the use of the property only to a use allowed in the district where the property is located. Per City zoning ordinance and state statute, there may exceptions to this rule in the case of a preexisting nonconforming property.

What are the dimensional controls [i.e., minimum lot size, height, yard setbacks, open space] and parking requirements [i.e., number of spaces, loading, screening] required for a particular use [two-family/church/medical office/manufacturing business]?

The dimensional controls are found in Section 400 of the City zoning ordinance. The parking requirements are found in Section 500 of the City zoning ordinance.

When does the Planning Board meet?

The Planning Board meets monthly on the second Wednesday of the month at 7 pm in the Herbert L. Jackson Council Chamber, 3rd Floor, City Hall.

Where do I file an application for a special permit?

All applications for special permits are filed with the Buildng Inspector in the Department of Inspectional Services.

What do I need to file an application for a special permit?

Submission requirements for special permit applications are described in the Submission Checklist and typically include a site plan and floor plans. Depending on the type of proposal, a traffic impact study, geotechnical information or flood plain elevations may also be required. Contact the Board of Appeal for information on filing requirements for a variance, and the Building Department for the filing requirements for building and occupancy permits.

How long does it take to obtain a special permit?

The entire process can take around 4 months and this time-frame is determined by state statute. Individual steps and their respective time-frames: From the date of filing complete application (including all plans and the fee) with the Building Inspector, the Building Inspector has 30 days to process the application and send your application to the Planning Board. After the application is first processed by the Assessor’s Office (where the certified abutter’s list is prepared) and Treasurer’s Office (where the fee is paid), the City Clerk posts the application and from that date, the Planning Board has 65 days to hold a public hearing. Notice of hearing must be published no later than two weeks prior to the date of the hearing, once each for two successive weeks in a newspaper of general local circulation. The Board’s decision must be posted with the City Clerk and abutters notified within 14 days of the close of the hearing. Any appeal of the decision must be filed within 20 days. Provided there is no appeal, the decision must be recorded at the Registry of Deeds and presented to the Building Inspector before a building or occupancy permit can be issued.

Where can I obtain a copy of the City’s zoning ordinance?

The zoning ordinance can be viewed on-line at the City’s website. A copy of the zoning ordinance may be purchased in the Planning office.

Is the zoning map on-line?

 A copy of the current zoning map is on the City's web site.  From the Home page go to "Government" then "Laws and Ordinances" then to "Zoning Map".

Can I subdivide my property?

Subdivision of property is subject to state and local subdivision control laws and requires the approval of the Planning Board. Generally speaking, land may be subdivided provided it has the minimum required frontage (continuous and contiguous length along the street line of a public way, a private way approved and endorsed by the Planning Board and constructed, or a private way certified by the City Clerk and Planning & Engineering Department as used and maintained as a public way).

How do I know where my property lines are?

The deed to the property provides a legal description of the boundaries of your property. A registered surveyor, engineer or other licensed professional can prepare a plan showing the exact boundaries and location of existing structures. A professionally-prepared plan is required for mortgages, deeds, fences, building and other permits. The professional preparing the plan can also physically mark (“stake out”) the lot lines of the property.

How can I obtain a copy of a plan of my property?

You may obtain a copy of a City Assessor’s Map showing the approximate boundaries of your property, for a nominal fee in the Planning office. These maps should be used for reference only and may not be accurate. These maps should not be relied on for placement of fences and do not meet submission requirements for any structures that require a permit.

Is my property in the flood plain?

The flood plain is shown on maps produced by the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA). These maps are available for public viewing in the Planning office and also on-line at Any disputes regarding the information depicted on these maps must be directed to FEMA.

Can I put a driveway on my property?

Yes, provided you comply with the provisions of the zoning ordinance that require no more than 50% of the front yard may be paved (or seek and obtain a variance of this requirement) and have the approval of the Department of Public Works (DPW) for any curb-cut on the street.

Can I put a fence on my property?

Fences on private property are not regulated by the City. To make sure you are installing the fence on your property, it is recommended (and may be required by the installer) that you obtain a professionally-prepared plan depicting the exact boundaries of the lot.

Where can I find U.S. Census data for Malden?

The most recent data available is from the federal census done in 2000 and is available on-line at the U.S. Census Bureau, through the American Factfinder program at

Where can I find out if a building permit has been issued for a particular property or activity?

Contact the Building Inspector and/or Inspectional Services Department at (781) 397-7030.

Where do I report a nuisance property or illegal use of a property [i.e., illegal apartment, rooming house, unauthorized business]?

You may make a report (verbal or written, anonymous or not) of any nuisance conditions or suspected illegal use of a property to the Mayor’s Housing Task Force. The Task Force is charged with investigating and resolving illegal property use and nuisance properties and includes the Building Inspector and representatives of the Board of Health/Department of Public Health, Fire and Police Departments. Contact the Task Force by calling the Inspectional Services Department at (781) 397-7030, the Malden Redevelopment Authority at (781) 397-7354 or  the Mayor's Office at (781) 397-7000.

Public Facilities Department

Who do I contact for rental of school facilities?

Malden School Department Business Office Nancy Camarata, Facilities Booking (781) 397-7207

Who do I contact for rental of athletic fields?

Permit Manager, Robert Rotondi (781) 322-1112

Who do I contact to report vandalism and/or graffiti on a public building?

Public Facilities Office (781) 397-7032

Who do I contact concerning maintenance at public buildings?

Public Facilities Office (781) 397-7032

Who do I contact to reserve a conference room or other space at Government Center?

Government Center Office (781) 397-7070

Who do I contact for information regarding Oak Grove Community Center?

Jim Nestor - Councillor Ward 4
Telephone: (781) 324-2672

Who do I contact for information regarding the Malden Senior Community Center?

Human Services Department (781) 397-7144

Where do I find a calendar of City meetings and events?

Public Works

Who do I contact to find out what day my trash is picked up and what is the procedure for pick-up after a holiday?
Call the Department of Public Works (781) 397-7160 Monday through Friday between 8:00AM – 4:00PM. Trash will be picked up one day late after a holiday (example: if your trash day is Thursday, the trash will be picked up Friday; if your trash day is Friday, the trash will be picked up Saturday).
How many bulk items are allowed per property per week?

Residents who have curbside pick up can put one bulk item out per week per property.

How often are recyclables picked up?

The City picks up recyclables curbside on a weekly basis.

Where can I get a recycling bin or recycling stickers?

At the Department of Public Work, 356 Commercial Street between 8:00AM and 4:00PM.  Bring your broken bin to us and we will replace it. Additional bins can be picked up at a cost of $5 each. Recycling stickers can also be obtained at the Department of Public Works. 

Who do I contact if there is a problem with my trash, recycling or to report illegal dumping?

Call the Department of Public Works (781) 397-7160 Monday through Friday between 8:00AM – 4:00PM; after 4:00PM call (781) 397-1525.  Please state the problem and leave your name, address and phone number.  Someone will return your call.  

All illegal dumping calls will be forwarded to the solid waste inspector who will inspect the trash and fine the person/property that illegally dumped the trash. (Fine is $300.)
How do I dispose of a television/monitor?

These items can be brought to the Department of Public Works, 356 Commercial Street Monday through Friday between 8:00AM – 4:00PM. There is a charge of $5 per item.  

The City of Malden also holds recycling days two times per year. Please call the Department of Public Works (781) 397-7160 to find out the next recycling day. This information will also be noted on the City of Malden's web site, Facebook and Twitter sites; in the Malden News the Malden Observer; Malden Advocate and Malden Access Television.  
How do I dispose of a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washer, dryer, freezer, air conditioner, water cooler, etc.?

Residents must purchase a non-refundable $20 white goods sticker at the Department of Public Works, 356 Commercial Street Monday through Friday between 8:00AM – 4:00PM or at the Treasurer’s Office, Malden Government Center, 200 Pleasant Street.  A microwave is not a considered a white good and the same may be placed curb side on your regular trash day as a bulk item.

How do I know when yard waste is picked up?

For Yard Waste Pick Up Schedule Click Here or contact the Malden Department of Public Works 781-397-7160 or

How do I know when my street will be swept?

Call the Department of Public Works (781) 397-7160 Monday through Friday between 8:00AM – 4:00PM.   Click here for street sweeping schedule. It is also available at the Treasurer’s Office or City Clerk’s Office, Malden Government Center, 200 Pleasant Street. The schedule also runs periodically on MATV and in the local newspapers. Additionally, compliance officers place the schedule on parked cars during the month of April. 

Neighborhood sweeping takes place between the hours of 7:30AM and 12:00PM.  No on-street parking is allowed on your regularly scheduled sweeping day.  Please note this only impacts one side of the street at a time.  Residents are asked to have all cars removed from the side of the street scheduled to be swept.  Cars can be parked back on that side of the street after 12:00PM.
Who do I contact for a sidewalk repair?

Call the Department of Public Works (781) 397-7132 Monday through Friday between 8:00AM – 4:00PM with the location.  Please advise whether the sidewalk is concrete or asphalt.   

Who do I contact to report a pothole?

Call the Department of Public Works (781) 397-7160 Monday through Friday between 8:00AM – 4:00PM. 

Who do I contact for a permit to occupy the street or sidewalk in regards to excavations and Jackie's Law?

You should contact the street/sidewalk inspector at the Department of Public Works (781) 397-7160 Monday through Friday between 8:00AM – 4:00PM.  Please note that the following will be required: a certificate of liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000; a dig safe number; and a plan for street and/or sidewalk restoration.

Can I leave a dumpster or moving pod on the street?

No, the containers damage the streets and sidewalks

Who do I contact if a City tree needs to be trimmed or taken down?

Call the DPW at  (781) 397-7160 Monday through Friday between 8:00AM – 4:00PM.

Who do I contact if a street light is out?

NationalGrid (800) 322-3223 (pole number needed).

How do I check on the plowing/sanding of my street?

Call the Department of Public Works (781) 397-7160.  

How do I obtain a permit to occupy a City park?

Call Robert Rotondi (781) 322-1112.

How do I dispose of a Christmas tree?

JRM will pick up the Christmas trees on your regular trash day during the week of Jan 7- Jan 11. Please remove any garland, lights decorations and no plastic bags. If you have any questions please call the DPW at 781-397-7160.


Sewer Department

Who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of a sewer lateral?

The sewer pipe that connects a building to the City sewer main in the center of the street is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain and repair. That includes the entire length of pipe from the building to the City main in the center of the street, as per City ordinance. A permit must be obtained from the City Engineer's office prior to commencing any relevant work.

How do I resolve a sewer backup?

Contact the Malden Sewer Department at (781) 397-7164. They will inspect the sewer manholes in the center of the street to determine if there is a backup on the City sewer main pipe in the street. If the City sewer main does not have a blockage, the property owner will need to hire a drain cleaning company.

Treasurer-Collector FAQ

Why am I having a problem paying my bill online?

Only current real estate tax, excise tax and water/sewer bills are able to paid online.  If you are trying to pay one of these specific bills and are having problems, please call (508) 460-6000.

Can I pay parking tickets online or over the phone?

No, parking tickets cannot be paid online or over the phone.  Payments may be made by cash, check or money order at the Treasurer's office or by mail.  If a parking ticket is marked at the Registry for non-renewal, payments must be made by cash or money order. If you have questions about parking ticket payments, call (781) 397-7091.

Can I make a partial payment on my excise tax bill?

No, we do not accept partial payments.

How do I change the mailing address on my water/sewer bill?

Please call (781) 397-7035.

How do I change mailing address on my real estate tax bill?

Please call (781) 397-7090.

How do I change the mailing address on my excise tax bill?

Please contact the Registry of Motor Vehicles online or call (617) 351-9380.

How do I find out what I paid for real estate tax, excise tax or water/sewer bills for my personal tax records?

To find out how much you paid for real estate tax, excise tax or water/sewer bills in one year, please call (781) 397-7090.

How do I reqeuest a Municipal Lien Certificate (MLC)?

Please mail a written request, payment and self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Treasurer's Office.  The fees for MLCs are as follows:

Residential Property - $25;
Residential Property (four units or more) - $100;
Commercial Property - $150.

How do I request a certificate of redemption for a paid tax lien?

Please mail a written request (including a copy of the lien), a $3 check payable to the City of Malden and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Treasurer's Office.

Water Department

Why does my property have low water pressure?

We have found that most cases of low water pressure are the result of a plumbing problem on the property. If only a portion of the building is affected contact a plumber. Another cause could be a leak on the water service, call the Malden Water Department at (781) 397-7164.

Who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the water service pipe?

The water pipe that connects the building to the City water main in the street is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain and repair from the back of the sidewalk to the building, as per City ordinance. A permit must be obtained from the City Engineer's office prior to commencing any repair work. The Malden Water Department will repair leaks in the street.  

Youth Employment

Who can apply for Summer Youth Employment Program and is this done yearly?

Each year, money is set aside to provide jobs for school age youth. Malden residents between the ages of 15 and 24 years may apply through this department. Some years additional grants have been awarded to the City’s youth. Most of the positions are from late June to late August.

Are there guidelines for the Summer Youth Employment Program?

Each fund has specific guidelines for acceptance.  Because it varies yearly call Christine DiPietro, Director of Human Services  (781) 397-7144 for details

How much do you get paid for the Summer Youth Employment Program and who pays you?

The pay scale is usually minimum wage and the youths are paid through the City’s payroll department on a weekly basis.