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Orientation Paperwork 2019

Apply for a Summer Youth Employment Job

Apply to be a Summer Youth Worksite

Timeline for Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program



Youth application for summer job opensFeb. 28th, 2019
Youth application for summer job closesApril 5th, 2019
Youth notified of interviewOn or before April 12th, 2019
Youth InterviewsApril 15th-19th, 2019 (April Vacation)
Youth orientation datesMay 13th, 15th, 16th & 20th, 2019
Mandatory safety training and pre-employment trainingJuly 1st-3rd, 2019
Mandatory progam classes (if hired and cleared to begin work)July 11th & 12th; 18th & 19th; 25th & 26th; August 1st & 2nd, 2019
Official worksite start dateJuly 8th 2019 
Official worksite end dateAugust 16th, 2019




How do I apply?
Applications are available online at . Computers are available for use at The Malden Teen Enrichment Center, Malden High School and the Malden Public Library. If you do not have access to any of these options, please contact Karen Colón Hayes at

What is the deadline for applications?
April 5, 2019 midnight.

Who do I contact if have questions?
Karen Colón Hayes at or Kelli Collomb at

How long is the work program?
The MSYEP is 6 weeks long. Beginning on July 8th and ending on August 16th(this can vary slightly depending on placement)

What are the hours?
14-15 year olds work a maximum of 10 -12 hours per week which includes a two hour work readiness program (Paid). Schedules vary depending on placement. 16-21 year olds work a maximum of 20-22 hours per week which includes a two hour work readiness program (Paid) Schedules vary depending on placement.

Does everyone who applies get a job placement?
No. Unfortunately, we do not have the funding to support everyone who applies. We encourage you to apply for other job opportunities.

When do I find out if I have been accepted into the program

You will be notified on or before 5/31/2019. Please do not contact us before this date.

Where will I be working?
A committee determines the placements and we try our best to match applicants with jobs based on experience and requests. We do not have enough job placements to accommodate all requests.

Can I take a vacation or sick day?
You are paid only for the hours you work. There is no compensation for sick days. You MUST contact your supervisor to let them know you will not be able to come to work and provide a valid reason. Because the program runs for only 6 weeks, there will be no vacation allowances during MYSEP job placements. If you have a vacation planned during this time, you must provide dates prior to being hired and it most likely it will influence your employment opportunity with the program.

What if I was on the waitlist last year?
We had an overwhelming response of applicants and we are unable to place everyone. Each year we will begin the process over taking into consideration people on the waitlist. If you applied and did not get a job last year, you will be ensured an interview. Applicants are placed based on completion of application, personal statement, interview, employment eligibility, years in the program as well as funding availability.

How many times can I be in the program?
The goal of the program is to give our youth equal opportunity to participate. Two years is the average number of years employed with a maximum of 3 years in the program. This does not imply or guarantee you will be hired for three years. There are many factors to be considered during placement. MSYEP Staff is not subject to the 3 year maximum as we are trying to provide stability.

Do I need a letter of reference?
We ask that you bring a list of 3 references to the interview. These are names of people we may call for a verbal reference.

Do I need an ID to apply?
You do not need an ID to submit an application. However, if you are hired, you will need a valid ID to begin employment. See below for examples and be prepared to submit this information prior to hiring.


You will need to provide documents that establish Identity and employment authorization.

1. You will need to establish identity- some examples include: A valid Driver’s license or ID card used by a State or Federal Government with a photograph, School ID with photograph, US military Card School Record or Report Card

2. You will need to establish employment authorization- some examples include: Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, US citizen Card, ID card for Use of Resident Citizen in the US.

3. The following will establish Both ID and Employment authorization: a PASSPORT or Permanent Resident Card or Alien Registration Receipt Card (form I-551)

Will we need to attend an orientation?
Once you have been contacted that you have been accepted into MYSEP, you will receive notice for orientation.

It is mandatory to attend orientation each year as paperwork needs to be updated.

What if I have summer school?
Job hours are determined by the supervisors at the job sites. Summer school will most likely have an influence on whether you are chosen for the program based on availability of work hours. If summer school hours conflict with work hours, your position will be terminated.

Do I fill out tax forms?
Yes. You will need to fill out the same tax forms that you would be expected to complete at any other job. There will be Human Resource volunteers available at orientation to help answer questions.

Do I need a working permit?
All minors under the age of 18 must complete an employment permit application and obtain the permit before starting a new job. Applications for employment permits are available at Malden High School. You will need a new work permit each year. A minor cannot be granted a permit unless the specific employer, work address, and job description have been provided. Therefore, you will not be able to receive this permit until AFTER you have been notified you have received a position in the program.

How old do I need to be to work with children at a camp?
With a few exceptions, it is recommended that youth workers are 16yrs of age to work with children in a camp setting.

What is a CORI check and why do I need one?
As an applicant, employee or volunteer for the City of Malden, a criminal record check will be conducted for conviction and pending criminal case information only. It will not necessarily disqualify you



Please fill out and if necessary have parent or guardian signature and bring to your orientation.
PDF icon fullpacket.pdf

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