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A. The owner, occupant or agent in charge of any land or building abutting a paved sidewalk in the City of Malden shall make said sidewalk safe and convenient for public use by removing any snow or ice accumulating thereon or by otherwise make the same safe by covering with sand or other suitable substance.

B. Removal of hazardous conditions shall be made within the first twenty four hours after such snow or ice accumulates on said sidewalk. Sidewalks shall be cleared to provide a minimum passage of thirty six inches in width. A minimum passage of thirty six inches in width shall also be cleared to the street. Handicapped access ramps shall be cleared to the full extent of the width and length of the main slope and side slopes.

C. This ordinance may be enforced in the manner provided in Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40 Section 21D by regular enforcement officers and by Department of Public Works storm supervisory personnel. The penalty for violation of this ordinance shall include the cost of removal of said violation, as determined by the Director of Public Works, and a fine of up to $200.00 for each violation.