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As used in this section, a motorized vehicle is: 1. a motorized scooter or motorized bicycle, as defined in Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 90 Section 1, or 2. any other vehicle designed for propulsion by means other than muscular power and not otherwise regulated by law; provided that vehicles operated by handicapped persons and landscaping vehicles shall be exempt from the provisions of this ordinance.

No person shall operate a motorized vehicle on any public way, park, playground, school ground, city cemetery or property under the control of the City of Malden.

No person under the age of 16 shall operate a motorized vehicle on private property.

Motorized vehicles shall not be operated on private property between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 8 a.m.

Every person engaged in the sale of motorized vehicles as described herein shall provide prospective buyers with a copy of this ordinance prior to completion of the sale.

Violation of this section may be punished in the manner provided in MGL Chapter 40, Section 21D in accordance with the following schedule of fines:

1 offense Warning st

2 offense $100.00

3 & subsequent offenses $200.00