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1 No person shall remain on public or private property for the purpose of soliciting donations from the public without having obtained a permit therefor from the City Clerk.

.2 The City Clerk may issue permits for the solicitation of donations subject to the following restrictions: .1 Permits may be issued only to Malden-based non-profit organizations. For purposes of this section, “Malden-based” shall mean an organization which is headquartered in the city, or a national or state organization with an authorized Malden representative.

.2 No more than one permit shall be issued for any location on any date.

.3 The permit shall specify the locations, dates, and hours during which donations may be solicited, and may contain such additional restrictions and conditions as the City Clerk may deem necessary to protect public safety and welfare.

.3 A permit or a copy thereof shall be available for inspection by members of the Malden Police Department or Compliance Officers at every location at which donations are solicited. Each member of the licensed organization shall display identification, as specified in the organization’s permit application, at all times while soliciting.

.4 No property owner shall suffer a solicitor to remain on his property without a permit issued for the dates and times during which such solicitation occurs.

.5 Violations of this ordinance may be punished in the manner provided in MGL Chapter 41, Section 21D in accordance with the following schedule of fines:

1 offense warning st

2 offense $100.00 nd

3 /subsequent offenses $200.00