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As used in this section, “bike trail” shall include the entire length and width of any designated right of way.

Except as provided in this section, use of bicycle trails shall be limited to pedestrians, including joggers and runners, and devices designed for propulsion solely be muscular power, including bicycle riding, roller skating, in-line skating, snow shoeing and cross country skiing.

No person, shall use or operate a motorized vehicle or device or a vehicle or device capable of motorized operation on a bike trail except:

.1 an authorized maintenance vehicle;
.2 an emergency vehicle, including police fire and emergency medical services;
.3 a vehicle designed specifically to provide mobility to a handicapped person.

Unless licensed by the City, no person shall use bike trails for horseback riding.

Use of bike trails shall be limited to the hours of 5a.m.-10p.m.

Use of bike trails shall be subject to compliance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 85 Section 11B and all city ordinances; provided that, subject to compliance with all other ordinances relative to animal control, a user may be accompanied by no more than two dogs.

Bicycle trails shall not be used for organized events unless permitted by the Police Chief.

The Public Works Commission may promulgate additional regulations to assure the safety of bike trail users and shall post regulations at such intervals as may be required to reasonably notify users of rules and restrictions on use.

No person shall solicit, sell, rent, advertise or offer to sell, rent hawk, peddle, display or distrbute any goods, wares, tangible or intangible property, merchandise, liquids or edibles, or services for hire, or render any service for hire, upon bicycle trails, unless licensed by the city upon such terms and conditions as said licensing authority deems appropriate.

Violations of this ordinance shall be punished in the manner provided in Massachusetts General Laws Chapter

40 Section 21D in accordance with the following schedule of fines:
1st offense - $100.00
2nd/subsequent offense - $250.00

In addition to any other penalty provided by law, unauthorized vehicles, whether or not registered under C.hapter 90 or 90B of Massachusetts General Laws, may in the discretion of a police officer be towed and stored at the owner’s expense.