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Resident Parking Regulations

Kevin Molis
200 Pleasant Street
911 for Emergencies Only
(781) 397-7171
(781) 397-0296 (Fax)




A resident parking sticker is required to park on the below listed streets Monday thru Friday from 7:00AM to 7:00PM. The sticker must be affixed to your rear window, lower left hand corner. One visitor pass may be issued per household. Visitor passes are to be used only by people actually visiting your home. They are not to be used by people taking the MBTA. Abuse of visitor pass will result in a fine and revocation of the pass. If lost or stolen, the pass will not be replaced.

Area 1: Area 2:
Aubrey Ter
Cedar St (12-52)
Charles St (230-266 for lot)
Chester St
Cliffside Ter
Dexter St (1-26)
Elm St
Estey St
Evelyn Pl
Harnden Rd
Hawthorne St (3-31)
Highland Av (377-475)
Hubbard St (2-98)
Pearl St (19-113)
Pleasant St (349-468)
Mason St
Overlook Pk
Prospect St
Prospect Ter
Russell St 
Stadium Rd
Sterling St
Summer St (50-73)
Talbot St
Wentworth St (12-84)
Alpine St
Cedar St (60-124)
Chestnut St
Clifton St 
Copeland Ter
 Dexter St (41-148)
Glen St (Glenwood - Clifton)
Hawthorne St (40-179)
Ivy Rd
Kernwood St
Lincoln St
Linden Av (54-144)
Maple St
Rockland Av
Summer St (80-220)
Waverly St

All Summer St residents must park on side streets listed.

Area 3: Area 4:

Autumn St
Bartlett St
Beltran St (11-65)
Clifton St (146)
Clinton St
Crescent Ave (64-73)
Edmund St
Fairlawn St
Forest St (7-139)
Francis St
Glenwood St
Greenleaf St
Kenmore St
Kneeland St

Leonard St
Linden Av (152-180)
Main St (755-1000)
Ripley St
Rosemont St
Vernon St
Washington St (153-195)
Wedgemere Rd
Winter Av
Winter St
Woodrow Av
Beltran St (82-200)
Beltran Ter
Claflin Ter
Dutton St
Gleason St
Glenrock Av
Greystone Rd
Grove St
Horace St
Las Casas St
Lyle Ter
Lyle St

Oak Grove Ct
Oak Grove Ter
Oak Ter
Payne Ter
Pearson Ct
Robert Ter
Summer St (Upper End)
Upland Rd
Washington St (205-350)
Wyoming Av
Wyoming Pl

Area 5: Area 6:

Albion St
Auburn St
Barrett Ln
Concord St
Crescent Lane (Park St-Orient St)
Gellineau St
Holden St (12-30)
Hudson St

Linden Pl
Page St
Park St
Salem St (102-166) Sticker Only
Sprague St
Spring St
Tremont St (Salem St-Mountain Ave)
Cross St (79-126)
Eastern Ave (209-211)
Elm Ct
Garfield Ter
Henry St (83-122)
Hillside Av
Hillside Ter
Hillside Pk
Stearns St
Walnut St (61-79)
Area 7: Area 8:
Dell St
Playstead Rd
Waite St Ext (Branch St-Webster Court)
 Regent Rd (24 Hours a Day)

Regent Rd - Resident parking enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week