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Winter Weather Central

Street Alerts App

Please make use of our Street Alerts app.  Simply enter the closest address to where you park and the app will return the exact regulations for parking in front of that address.  In addition, once you have signed up for reminders through the app, we will alert you when anything changes such as the declaration of a snow emergency. 

Winter Parking Regulations 

This year, there were two important changes to our Winter Parking regulations that we want residents to be aware of.

1. Normally our winter parking restrictions for the City of Malden run from November 1st to April 1st. This year, instead of winter parking restrictions starting on November 1st, we will start the restrictions at the first winter event that takes place that requires our DPW to deploy winter weather operations such as plowing and/or sanding.

2. We removed a previous restriction that prohibited overnight parking on approximately 100 streets.  Residents whos streets were contained within the yellow highlighting of our previous years' flyers were required to vacate the street overnight are no longer required to do so.  Although these overnight restrictions were removed, please be certain that you take note of other restrictions your street may have.

Search our new Street Alerts app or review this card to find out if/how your street is affected.  For any questions related to winter parking violations or towing, contact the Malden Parking Department at 781-397-7196.

Where to Park During a Snow Emergency

When a snow emergency is declared in the City of Malden, parking becomes more restrictive than the standard seasonal winter parking general rule.  Several streets are designated as emergency arteries and must be completely free of vehicles for the duration of the snow emergency or risk being ticketed and towed.  

  • If using our new Street Alerts app, after you enter the address you are monitoring, you should see a list of restrictions/rules returned based on that address.  If it is listed as a Snow Emergency location, you must remove your vehicle from that location for the duration of the snow emergency.
  • If you are using our Winter Parking Flyer, flip it over to the second page.  If your street is listed in the red outlined section, you must remove your vehicle for the duration of a declared snow emergency.

If you are required to move your vehicle, you can park in one of the City's designated emergency parking lots located around the City for the duration of the snow emergency.  The lots are located at the Beebe, Linden, Ferryway, Forestdale, Salemwood schools as well as the Early Learning Center.  You must monitor our website, social media or dial 311 to be informed about when your vehicle needs to be moved.

Snow Removal Contractors

The City of Malden has a list of contractors that you can contact if you need assistance removing snow on sidewalks abutting your property or business.  The City of Malden does not employ these contractors but rather lists their information for you to contact to arrange your own business transaction between you and the contractor.  If you are interested in becoming a snow removal contractor, click the link on the left.  If you are interested in being a snow plow contractor working for the Malden DPW, click on the appropriate link to the left. 

Snow Removal Ordinance and Fines

The City of Malden requires residents and businesses remove snow from the sidewalks abutting their property.  Failure to comply with this ordinance could result in a fine issued by the City.  Please familiarize yourself with he rules and try to encourage your neighbors to do the same.   If you have trouble removing the snow yourself, we have provided a list of snow removal contractors that you can hire to remove the snow for you.  Lastly, if you know of a property that is not complying with the rules and want to report them, you may do so using your 311 issue reporting tool. 

Follow Live Storm Updates on Social Media

Leading up and after winter storms occur, we provide continuous live updates on our social media accounts.

Snow Emergency Alerts

The City of Malden has various ways to alert residents and businesses when a snow emergency is declared and/or lifted.  There are many places for you to find out the status of a snow emergency.  

  • If you register for our CodeRED phone alert system, your phone will be called at the start and finish of a snow emergency.
  • We will send out alerts through our Street Alerts app letting you know there has been a declared snow emergency.
  • We will always post updates to our Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • We will put an alert on the front page of our website.
  • We will send out alerts and updates via our email mailing list.

Winter Weather Safety Tips and Emergency Prep

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency MEMA has put together a comprehensive list of tips.




Malden Snow and Ice Removal Ordinance Flyer
This flyer is a quick reference guide to Malden's Snow and Ice removal ordinance.
PDF icon malden_snow_and_ice_ordinance_removal_flyer_water_bill_january_2018.pdf

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