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Education on Proper Recycling Procedures

As of June 13th, 2016 our trash/recycling hauler JRM began strictly enforcing the existing rules around Malden’s dual stream recycling program.  We want to be sure that recycling continues to thrive in Malden so please please keep these tips in mind to avoid having your reyclcing rejected.

  • Download a quick reference flyer on proper recycling procedures.
  • Malden is a dual stream community which means mixed paper, including cardboard goes into one bin and Co-mingled including bottles, cans and plastics go in another.
  • Plastic grocery bags are NOT recyclable in Malden’s curbside program and may not be used as a recycling container.
  • Recycling items cannot have food debris on them when recycled.  This includes grease on pizza boxes, sauce in jars, residual food in cans, etc.  Clean items only are allowed in the bins.
  • You can purchase an extra blue bin from the DPW for $5 but we recommend converting a plastic container that has a larger capacity
    • You may convert most any plastic container such as a spare barrel into a recycling bin by affixing one of our free stickers to the side.
  • Watch a video of the public meeting held on June 1st, 2016 where we addressed resident questions and concerns.
  • Watch a video of the public meeting held on June 13th, 2016 where we addressed resident questions and concerns.



Trash/Recycling Quick Reference Flyer
PDF icon trash_recycling_flyer.pdf

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