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Trash and Recycling Information

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Malden's Solid Waste Program

  • Household Trash - Malden is a Pay As You Throw community which requires residents to purchase City-issued blue trash bags to place household trash in for removal each week.  Bags can be purchased at many local stores around Malden.  Please use our Waste Wizard database to learn about what items are permitted to be disposed of in the blue bags.
  • Recycling - Malden is a dual-stream recycling community which means that comingled paper must be separated from bottles, cans & plastics. Please reference our Waste page for more specific recycling information.
  • Household Hazardous Waste - Household hazardous waste is prohibited from being put in our City-issued blue bags for disposal.  The Malden DPW yard accepts many hazardous materials such as Flourecent Bulbs, Mercury Thermometers, Paint and other items either on one of our Household Hazardous Waste collection days or simply by bringing them to the DPW Yard located at 356 Commercial Street during business hours.  You must first search our Waste Wizard database before attempting to dispose of any hazardous materials. 




Trash/Recycling Quick Reference Flyer
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