Curbside Composting

Black Earth Compost

Malden residents who are interested in Curbside Organics (food waste) collection can participate in a program partnership with Black Earth Compost. This is a paid subscription-based service through Black Earth Compost. To incentivize our residents to participate, residents will receive a free recycling cart and 30 compostable cart liners, a $50 value, free of charge after signing up and activating their subscription. After paying for your subscription, you will be given a voucher to pick up your free cart and bags.

For those not familiar with curbside composting, the service being offered is a cart collection process. Malden residents who are already Black Earth Compost customers will also receive a benefit from this initiative. Existing customers will continuously see their subscription service discounted as we add more Malden customers.

Residents who choose to participate in compost pickups are helping Malden in its efforts toward sustainability in Malden. Recycling food scraps and other organic material to the soil to be reused is extremely helpful to the environment. With a subscription residents can compost much more than a backyard leaf pile. Things like meat, bones, napkins, cheese, seafood shells and more can all exit the waste stream and enter the garden. Another great benefit is that customers will receive a voucher for a bag of finished compost, redeemable at participating Garden Centers, or you can donate your portion to Backyard Growers.

Black Earth Compost was founded in January 2011, in Gloucester, MA. Originally a one man, one truck, Cape Ann company, it has steadily grown to become the leading full-service compost company in New England. With over 30 trucks, we are dedicated to collecting food scraps from residents, schools, supermarkets, colleges, and more, all across eastern MA and RI.