New Residents Guide

Permit Parking

Many streets across the City of Malden require a permit to park between the hours of 7 am to 7 pm. Monday to Friday. There are several streets on the Everett line where this restriction is in place 24/7. Signs are posted indicating where this is required. This program is intended largely to protect the residents of these streets from losing parking to MBTA commuters or Everett residents. You can see if your street requires a permit, learn more about the program, and apply for a permit on the Residential Parking page.

Winter Parking

Winter parking restrictions will start at the first winter event that takes place which requires our DPW to deploy winter weather operations such as plowing and/or sanding. These rules are intended to assist the city with plowing when it does snow. The rules can be confusing, but the City has developed a great tool to allow you to both view the rules specific to your address. Visit the Street Alerts page for more details.

Please note: When a snow emergency is declared, the City actively tows cars from main arteries and other designated streets. For those seeking parking during snow emergencies, the City makes available school parking lots and at times one of the garages downtown. We encourage residents to sign up for our code red system to get notified in advance when a snow emergency is being declared.

Street Sweeping

The City of Malden begins street sweeping on May 1st of each year and continues until October 31st. The City of Malden takes its street sweeping seriously, and the fine for impeding the street sweeper is $50! Signing up for 'street alerts' through the link above under winter parking will also notify you about street sweeping. Generally speaking, we sweep residential streets, each side, once a month (odd sides and even sides are swept on different days). Other main arteries may get done weekly, and still others are done daily. Please reference the provided schedule and sign up to be alerted to avoid a ticket.

Non-Passenger Plates

Vehicles with non-passenger plates are not allowed to park overnight on city streets, between the hours of 9 pm and 7 am unless the vehicle has a valid permit issued but the City of Malden Parking Department. To be eligible for this permit the vehicle must be registered to Malden and under a gross weight of 10,000lbs.

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to call us at the Parking Office at 781-397-7196, or email Ernie Ardolino, Parking Supervisor.