Apply and Schedule a Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Inspection


To apply for a Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Certificate inspection, please do so using the Energov permitting system. Once you have applied and paid, the Fire Prevention Clerk will call to schedule your inspection.

The Malden Fire Department has created the following guidelines to help you understand what is required for your MGL 148 s. 26F mandated inspection.  

Typical 1-2 family homes

Prepare your home

MFD Fire Prevention is available to conduct a layout of your property for ½ of the cost of the inspection.   (ie. 1 family homes $25 layout and $50 inspection, 2 family homes $50 layout and $100 inspection).  Contact the Fire Prevention Clerk (781-397-7383 x2107) and ask to schedule a pre-inspection layout of your property.

  • Identify the year your home was built or last renovated. (MGL c148 s.26F)
    1. To find that date contact Malden Building Dept. or check the City GIS website   
  • Utilize this chart for placement guidance.
  • After finding your guidance page, perform a layout of your property.
    1. Identify where each type of detectors are needed.
      • On every floor
      • In basement
      • Bottom of each stairway
      • Smoke and CO within 10’ of each bedroom
      • Smoke within each bedroom (Malden requirement)
    2. Install appropriate device.
      • Must be mounted to ceiling
      • Battery powered devices must be 10 year sealed battery.  9v/AA not authorized.
      • Hardwired ok to be 9v/AA backup battery.
    3. Test your devices!!!

Do These Prior to your smoke/ CO inspection by MFD

  • Make sure that your posted street number is visible from the street. (MGL c.148 s.59)
    1. Must be of contrasting colors to finish of your home.
    2. CLEARLY visible from the street.
  • NO keyed locks on any interior doors.
  • NO double keyed deadbolts on entry doors.
  • Make sure that you have the proper type of alarms.
  • Alarms must have a UL stamp.
    1. This ensures you use a reputable brand.  Not no-names from the internet.
  • Malden Fire may require that devices be taken down for compliance verification.
    1. Have access to ladders if you have vaulted ceilings.
    2. If you don’t have access to one, notify FD ahead of time so they bring a ladder.
  • All smoke alarms must be photoelectric type.
  • Make sure that alarms are in proper locations.
  • Combination carbon monoxide and smoke alarms are permitted.
    1. Must have both a tone and simulated voice alarm to distinguish type of emergency.
  • Make sure that ALL alarms are working properly.  YOU need to test them before the FD comes.   
  • No smoke alarms shall remain in service after 10 years from the date of manufacture.
  • All battery primary powered devices must have a 10-year sealed battery.
  • Any unused or outdated device should be removed.  Do not leave old/unused mounting rings.
  • All devices should be mounted on ceiling.  If vaulted, no more than 12 inches from peak.
  • AFTER all devices are installed and tested, Apply for a Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Certificate inspection, please do so using the Energov permitting system. 
    1. Once applied and paid, FD clerk will call you to schedule your appointment. 
  • Smoke Detector inspections are conducted on Tuesday and Thursdays.  1-2 family homes between 9-11am, multi family homes 1-3pm.
  • Schedule your inspection with plenty of time before your closing date.
    1. If you fail, you will need time to correct discrepancies AND reschedule your inspection.
      • Don’t cut it too close to your closing date!


Fees for services are as follows:

Property for Sale / Occupancy Inspection ServiceFee
Single family residence$50
2-Family residence$100
3 to 6 Family dwelling/units$150
Any residence/building with more than 6 units$500

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector, Layout / Placement ServiceFee
Single family residents$25
2-Family residence$50
3 to 6 Family dwellings/units$75
Any residence/building with more than 6 units$250