Removal of Lead Pipes Ordinance

The City of Malden has a City Ordinance requiring property owners to remove lead water service pipes. Specifically, Section 9.24.010 requires that a property owner certify that the water supply to their property is through lead-free water lines when one of the following occurs:

  • The property ownership is being transferred
  • When applying for a building permit with a project value over $30,000
  • At the time of the transfer of a tenant, in a residential multi-family property

    Regulation 9.24.010 of the City of Malden Municipal Code


Any property owner that anticipates a sale or the need of a building permit is encouraged to follow this procedure so as not to cause a delay in their transaction:

  • Contact the Engineering Department at to obtain initial information on the property's water service and the applicable forms needed.
  • Property Owner Water Service Certification (PDF) - This certification must be submitted to the Engineering Department prior to receiving a final water bill. If it is determined that there is a lead service pipe on the private side, the property owner is responsible to remove the lead line and replace it with a copper line. If there is lead on the public side, the City will place the property on the lead service replacement list. The certificate will be attached to the water bill or permit requested. Without it, the water bill or permit will not be issued. The statement is made to the best of the Engineering Department's knowledge and describes the water service pipe material as per city records and a site inspection. There is a fee of $25. 
  • If the owner is unable to replace the lead line immediately or within a reasonable time, the certification shall set forth a plan for replacement with a date certain and must be approved by the City Engineer. There is a winter shut down of street excavation from November 15th through April 1st.
  • A permit for pipe replacement must be obtained through the Department of Engineering permit page before any removal of lead pipes. If the public way is to be excavated a street opening permit must be obtained through the Department of Public Works.
  • For building permits over $30,000 the Building Commissioner's office will notify the Engineering Department of the application. The applicant must request a Statement of Water Service and submit a Water Service Certification prior to a permit being issued.