Parking Tickets

Parking Fines & Late Fees

  • Parking tickets from the City that are not paid within 21 days will incur an additional $5 late fee.
  • Parking tickets still not paid after an additional 21 days will incur an additional fee of $20. In addition, registration may be 'marked' at the registry for non-renewal. To remove the 'marking' an additional $20 fee will be charged by the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV).
  • To avoid substantial late fees and RMV fees, please pay your ticket before the 21 days have elapsed. You can avoid what can amount to additional fees of $45.

Paying Tickets

  • White parking tickets may be paid online. Please note that it may take several days before the ticket is available for viewing and paying.
  • Orange tickets must be paid by mailing payment or paying in person as follows (you may also pay white tickets at this address):
    City of Malden Treasurers Office
    215 Pleasant Street
    Suite 210
    Malden, MA 02148
  • We accept cash and checks. Credit cards are not accepted.

Appealing Tickets

  • You may appeal a ticket by filling out an appeal form (PDF) and sending it to the Parking Clerk. Appeals must be received by the Parking Clerk within 21 days of the ticket being issued to be considered.
  • Follow the instructions on the form and return by either mail or in person to:
    Office of the Parking Clerk
    215 Pleasant Street
    Suite 210
    Malden, MA 02148
  • You may choose to have a hearing in person or have the Parking Clerk decide the case based on the information contained on the form. You will be notified by mail of a decision.

If You Wish to Appeal the Decision of the Hearing Officer

The legal appeal from the decision of the Hearing Officer is to the:
Middlesex County Superior Court
200 Trade Center
Woburn, MA

There is a $275 filing fee. The parking ticket adjudication process was decriminalized by the Massachusetts State Legislature.


Still have questions? Please contact us at 781-397-7090, ext. 3 from the menu and we will be happy to help you!