Mass Vets Advisor

All veterans who served in the United States Armed Forces should file a copy of their discharge papers or DD214 with their local Veterans' Office. Veterans who are in need of their discharge papers may contact The Military Records Branch, Office of the Adjutant General at 508-233-7780. The Mass Vets Advisor website is a guide to anyone searching for benefits and programs for Veterans and their family members. The data is comprehensive and currently provides search results from Massachusetts and Federal resources, listing only the benefits and services the Veteran is qualified for, and, where available, an "action plan" to apply for the benefit. 

Users will be able to print, email, save, or forward the action plan to his or her Veterans Services Officer. Our goal is to refine and expand this site over time to improve the quality of the information and to increase the knowledge and use of benefits, programs, and services to Veterans and their families.