Rodent Control

Rodent Trapping Program  

Currently active in wards: 8

Traps have been placed, we are not currently accepting additional consent forms at this time. 

Residents of the currently active wards should use the form below to provide consent for the City's pest control contractor, Modern Pest Services, to install an electronic rodent trap on your property at no cost to the property owner. Modern Pest Services will determine where traps are needed and for how long based on rodent complaint information and data provided by the traps. Providing consent does not guarantee that a trap will be installed on your property. Only the property owner can provide consent.

These traps DO NOT use pesticide and the rodents are collected inside the trap. When the trap is full or needs service the trap wirelessly notifies Modern Pest Services and THEY empty the trap. All of the data collected by the traps will be used to locate rodent harborages and educate residents. 

Click here to complete consent form.

For more information about the actual trap click here.

There are 25 traps for distribution. One trap will be installed per property (unless Modern Pest determines you need more). Traps will be removed after 3 months. Traps that haven't caught any rodents will be removed after 14 days. 

To see how well the traps are working go to the Rodent Trapping Heat Map - Click Here   City of Malden - Mapline Map