Street Sweeping

Malden’s street sweeping program runs from May 1st through November 1st, and during this time, streets are swept on a regular schedule. During a scheduled sweep, vehicles must be removed from one or both sides of the street or be subject to a parking violation. Please use our Street Sweeping App by typing your address in the search box provided to find the sweeping schedule associated with that specific address. You can also sign up for automated text, phone or email reminders.

City of Malden Street Sweeper

Important Points

Here a few important points of information about our street sweeping program:

  • Not all streets have the same type of schedule. Depending on the street, you may be required to move your vehicle monthly, weekly or in some cases every day. Additionally, the scheduled time of day can be as early as 5 a.m. or as late as Noon. Make note of these details or let our app send you automatic reminders.
  • During a scheduled sweep day, some streets have both sides swept and some only one side. Make note of these details or let our app send you automatic reminders.
  • Once the sweeper has completed your street, you may return your vehicle to the location that was swept without violation. If you are unsure if it was swept, simply wait until after that day’s schedule is complete before returning. Again, you can find these details by searching our app below.
  • Small amounts of debris from the sidewalk can be pushed onto the street before your scheduled sweep for collection by the sweeper.

Street Sweeping Schedule

Below is a complete listing of all streets/routes in Malden's regular street sweeping program. We encourage you to sign up for our Street Alerts app to find out what the rules are for your specific address and to receive automated reminders about any restrictions at that address.

  1. 1st & 3rd Monday
  2. 1st & 3rd Tuesday
  3. 1st & 3rd Wednesday
  4. 1st & 3rd Thursday
  5. 1st & 3rd Friday
  6. 2nd & 4th Monday
  7. 2nd & 4th Tuesday
  8. 2nd & 4th Wednesday
  9. 2nd & 4th Thursday
  10. 2nd & 4th Friday
  11. Commercial Daily
  12. Commercial Weekly

1st & 3rd Monday Sweeping


  • Odd side of streets listed swept on 1st Monday of month
  • Even side of streets listed swept on 3rd Monday of month
  • Sweeping occurs between 7:30 a.m. and Noon


  • Adams Street (Fellsway to Highland)
  • Arcola Street
  • Avon Street (Quincy to Highland)
  • Blomerth Street
  • Bower Street
  • Chandler Road
  • Charles Place
  • Charles Street (Fellsway to Highland)
  • Chatham Street
  • Chatham Street Exit
  • Circle Road
  • Clyde Street
  • Cushing Road
  • Davidson Way
  • Desmond Road
  • Devir Street (Medford Line to Highland)
  • Emerald Street (Fellsway to Highland)
  • Estey Street
  • Fall Street
  • Fellsmere Road
  • Gale Street
  • Girard Road
  • Grimshaw Street
  • Harris Street
  • Highland Court
  • Holland Street
  • Hospital Road
  • John Street
  • Julia Street
  • Lilly Street
  • Malden Street (Fellsway to Highland)
  • Maurice Street
  • McCormack Street
  • Medford Street (Medford Line to Highland)
  • Montvale Street
  • Murray Hill Road
  • Murray Street
  • Naomi Street
  • Oakland Street (Julia to Highland)
  • Pamela Circle
  • Pine Street
  • Presley Street
  • Quincy Street
  • Richard Street
  • Savin Street
  • Sawyer Street
  • School Street
  • Sheridan Street
  • St. Mary Street
  • Talbot Street
  • Thacher Street
  • Thomas Street
  • Timothy Lane
  • Townsend Street
  • Victor Street
  • Watts Street
  • Wellington Street
  • Welsh Street
  • Wentworth Court
  • Wentworth Street (West to Highland)
  • West Street
  • Whitman Street (West to Highland)
  • Wicklow Street
  • Wiley Street