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The Community Preservation Committee ("CPC") meets the third Wednesday of every month. All CPC meetings are open to the public and residents are always invited to attend. Public comment is invited during Bi-Annual Informational Hearings, Annual Workshops, and Public Hearings on Project Applications or fill out our survey or send us an email to:


The Community Preservation Act (Massachusetts General Laws chapter 44b, or "CPA") was signed into law on September 14, 2000. Malden adopted the CPA in November 2015 by voting to approve a 1% local surcharge on property taxes which is matched annually via the state’s CPA fund. CPA Funds may be spent on capital improvement projects pertaining to Historic Preservation, Affordable Housing, and Open Space/Outdoor Recreation. CPA Funds are managed by the Malden CPC. Learn more in the links below:


Chosen per the Malden Community Preservation Ordinance

  • Eric Henry, Co-Chair (Planning Board, Ward 3)
  • Rachael Running, Co-Chair (Ward 8)
  • Lisa Sulda, Vice-Chair (Ward 1)
  • Kristen Homeyer (Conservation Commission, Ward 4)
  • Inna Babitskaya (Historical Commission, Ward 3)
  • Mark Lawhorne (Housing Authority, Ward 3)
  • Cameron Layne (Ward 7)
  • Monique Ching (At Large, Ward 5)
  • Brendan Brett (Ward 6)


If you have a project that you think may be eligible for CPA funding in FY23, please review the documents below and submit the online Pre-Application form between April 20th and June 7th, 2022. Eligible applicants will be notified by June 30th and invited to submit a full application which  is due by September 13th, 2022: 

  1. FY24 Application Instructions for all applicants
    1. Watch the Information Session from April 19, 2023
  2. FY24 Pre-Application Web Form (highly recommended) - due June 13, 2023*
    1. Or download and complete the PDF FY24 Pre-Application Form and email it to
  3. FY24 CPC Funding Application- Note: Applicants are required to complete a Pre-Application (above) prior to submitting a full Application.
    1. Application Web Form (highly recommended). Before submitting, please press the "SAVE" button at the end of the form. A pop-up window will request that you create a Jotform account, but you may press "Skip Create an Account" at the bottom of the window which will enable you to continue as a guest. A link will be provided which you may use to return to edit the application, or share with others to contribute (such as property owners whose signature is required).  
      1. For Open Space and Recreation ACQUISITION Projects only: Please send a request to the Conservation Commission for them to complete this evaluation form as it will be a required attachment for your project.  
    2. PDF Application Form - Applicants will be required to fill out the pdf provided in the link and combine all required attachments into one pdf that may be emailed to and delivered as two unbound paper copies to City Hall (215 Pleasant St., 2nd Floor, Room 220, Malden, MA 02148).
  4. Applicants present at a Public Hearing - November 2023-January 2024
  5. CPC Deliberates and Votes to Recommend Projects to City Council - January-February 2024
  6. CPC Recommends Applicants to Mayor and City Council for Approval - February-March 2024
  7. Grant Agreements Executed - June 2024

*Off-cycle applications may be accepted with the permission of the CPC Chair and Coordinator (email for projects with extenuating circumstances or for projects requiring emergency funding. 

For reference, view current and prior year applications at CPA Funding Applications.

Share Your Ideas!

Fill out our survey to let us know how you think Malden CPA Funds should be spent. Surveys completed by May 11, 2023 will be incorporated into the 2023 CPC Plan Update.

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