Library Trustees


  • John Tramondozzi, President
  • Jayne Brown, Vice President
  • Frank Molis, Treasurer
  • Lisa Jacobson,Trustee
  • Ann Durso-Rose, Trustee
  • Gregory Lucey, Trustee
  • Nancy L. McPheeters, Trustee
  • Lisa Jacobson, Trustee
  • John Parcellin, Trustee
  • Anthony Spadafora, Trustee


The Library Trustees are a self-perpetuating board established by the state legislature in 1885 to establish and maintain a free public library for the residents of Malden. In addition to an extensive collection of English language books and periodicals, the Library offers reading materials in several foreign languages, as well as audio books, CDs and DVDs. The Trustees oversee a wide range of cultural, artistic and literary programs, and are curators of an extensive art collection on exhibit in the Ryder Gallery, located in the historic Converse Memorial Building.

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