Detectives assigned to this unit conduct follow-up investigations of cases involving children under the age of 18.  These cases would include but not be limited to: missing juveniles, delinquency offenses, and status offenses such as truancy and runaways.  Detectives work closely with the school resource officers, Middlesex Juvenile Court, school officials, the Department of Children & Families, and the Department of Youth Services during the course of investigations.  This unit is also involved in community programs and events including SafeWatch, the annual Junior Police Academy and athletic events focused on strengthening relationships between the city's youth and police.

Child Requiring Assistance

A parent or guardian of a child between ages 6 and 18 may request assistance from the juvenile court if that child:

  • Frequently runs away from the home
  • Doesn't obey the lawful and reasonable commands of the parent/guardian which interferes with their ability to care for the child

Learn more about the Child Requiring Assistance (CRA) process

Download the Application for a Child Requiring Assistance (CRA)