Recruitment & Hiring

Police Officer

Malden is a civil service community, which means that all candidates for police officer must take an Open Competitive Exam administered periodically by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Human Resources. The score of that test determines the list from which we must hire. Those who score better are placed higher on the list. Please visit the website for the Massachusetts Civil Service Exam Schedule. Military Veterans and residents are given preference in hiring. Then candidates are required to complete a(n):

  • Background Investigation
  • Oral Interview
  • Medical Examination
  • Psychological Examination
  • Physical Abilities Test

Candidates who successfully complete all parts of the interview process are enrolled in a Police Academy for 24 weeks of training before they are assigned to on-the-job training during a one year probationary period.

For individuals who have been contacted by the Recruit Investigation Unit and instructed to complete the online Student Officer Application, you will find it below.
Student Officer Application

Police Cadet

Police Cadets work inside police headquarters answering phone lines, taking incident reports, dispatching police officers and handling other administrative functions as needed or required. A Cadet works as an aide to the Shift Commander and is primarily assigned to the Malden Police Communications Center or the Bureau of Records.

Police Cadet positions are posted on the City’s website at when they become available.

Support Staff Positions

Support staff positions are posted on the City’s website at when they become available.