Federal and State

  1. Elizabeth Warren

    Elizabeth A. Warren

    United States Senator
    Phone: 617-565-3170

  1. markey-about

    Edward J. Markey

    United States Senator
    Phone: 617-565-8519

  1. Katherine_Clark,_official_portrait,_116th_Congress

    Katherine Clark

    Member of Congress
    Phone: 617-354-0292

  1. Suzanne M. Bump

    Suzanne M. Bump

    State Auditor
    Phone: 617-727-2075

  1. Paul Donato

    Paul Donato

    State Representative
    Phone: 617-722-2180

  1. Steven Ultrino

    Steven Ultrino

    State Representative
    Phone: 617-722-2460

  1. State Representative Kate Lipper-Garabedian

    Kate Lipper-Garabedian

    State Representative
    Phone: 617-722-2356

  1. Jason Lewis

    Jason Lewis

    State Senator
    Phone: 617-722-1206

  1. Mary Ann Ryan

    Marian T. Ryan

    Middlesex District Attorney
    Phone: 781-897-8300

  1. Peter Koutoujian

    Peter Koutoujian

    Middlesex County Sheriff
    Phone: 781-960-2800

  1. Maria C. Curtatone

    Maria C. Curtatone

    Register of Deeds
    Phone: 617-679-6300

  1. Tara DeCristofaro

    Tara E. DeCristofaro

    Register of Probate
    Phone: 617-768-5800

  1. Michael A. Sullivan

    Michael A. Sullivan

    Clerk of Courts
    Phone: 781-939-2700

  1. Terrence Kennedy

    Terrence W. Kennedy

    Governor's Council - District 6
    Phone: 617-725-4015 x 6

  1. Maura Healey

    Maura Healey