Residential Tax Exemption Program

The Malden City Council and the Office of the Mayor adopted the Residential Exemption which is intended to lessen the tax burden on eligible homeowners. The Residential Exemption establishes a "graduated tax", reducing the taxes of lower valued properties while increasing the taxes of higher valued properties and non-owner occupied residential properties. The Residential Exemption is a tax-shifting option that municipalities in Massachusetts must vote on every year during the annual classification hearing.

How do I find out if a property is receiving the Malden Residential Tax Exemption?  You can search the MaldenGIS database by visiting and typing in the exact property address and looking at the property detail on the left hand side under "Residential Exemption."

What does it mean when I see my property has a "Potential Residential Exemption" on your GIS website at www.maldengis.comThe Residential Exemption program is only available to those who have applied for it.  The exemption is not automatically given but rather a property owner must meet the criteria to receive it and must also have properly applied for the exemption.

Who is eligible? Only taxpayers owning AND occupying a residential property as their principal residence on January 1 preceding the Fiscal Year for which are they are applying. A Fiscal Year runs from July 1st to the following June 30th. If the property is held in a trust, the occupying owner must have a beneficial interest. In order for us to determine your eligibility we will need to receive a copy of your trust and schedule of beneficiaries.

Do I need to reapply if I received an exemption last year? No, unless there was a change in ownership (deed filed or property put in a trust) since the preceding January 1st. Applicants have until March 31st to submit an application.

How much will I receive and how does it work? We won't know the Residential Exemption amount until December when the Fiscal Year tax rate is determined. Once your application is approved, 50% of the exemption amount will appear as a credit on the January (3rd quarter) bill and other fifty percent will be credited on the April (4th quarter) bill.

Will this affect my Statutory exemption? No. Statutory exemptions such as Surviving Spouse, Veterans (disabled), Legally Blind, Seniors (70 years and older) and others will not be affected. You will continue to receive your full exemption.

Please note: Massachusetts General Laws require that a taxpayer cannot pay less than 10% of the full tax due. If a taxpayer receives both a Statutory and Residential exemption and amount due is less than 10% the City will adjust the amount of the Residential Exemption. This serves as a summary and will not answer every question. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Assessor's Office at (781) 397-7100 or email us at


Understanding the Residential Tax Exemption - 2021 Presentation (PDF)

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