City Services During Coronavirus Response

Health professionals have advised that our best approach to combat COVID-19 is social distancing and as a result effective Monday, March 16th, City buildings will be closed to the general public until further notice, however we will still be operating during normal business hours offering certain core services.  Below is a list of all City Departments and related services with information on each core service as well as other important notes.

Animal Control

Service Information

Direct Phone: 781-397-7171 x2051 or 911 for emergencies
Direct Email:


Service Information

  • Field appraisals will not be conducted until further notice.
  • Real estate appraisals and inspections will not be conducted in the field 
  • Motor vehicle abatements can be submitted through US Mail or email 
  • Residential and statutory exemptions can be submitted through US Mail or email 
  • Abatement requests handled normally through electronic communication 

Direct Phone: 781-397-7100
Direct Email:


Service Information

  • Cemetery remains open to visitors during normal hours
  • Consult Cemetery Director regarding funeral arrangements in accordance with Governor’s guidelines on public gatherings.
  • Forest Dale Cemetery is open to visits as well as passive activity.  Absolutely NO DOGS ALLOWED.

Direct Phone: 781-397-7191
Direct Email:

City Clerk

Service Information

  • Processing most documents via mail order request.
  • Weddings not being conducted

Direct Phone: 781-397-7116
Direct Email:


Service Information

  • Conducting support of internal department purchase orders.
  • Warrants will continue to be processed regularly; departments drop in controllers drop box
  • Contact office for all other questions.

Direct Phone: 781-397-7080
Direct Email:

Emergency Management

Service Information

  • Continuing to conduct emergency response during COVID-19 response.
  • Monthly public meetings currently on hold

Direct Phone: 781-397-7171
Direct Email:


Service Information

  • Will provide emergency DigSafe markings upon request
  • Continue Final water meter readings, and lead certificate issuance
  • Continue monthly bill readings, leaking meter repair and weekly Water quality testing
  • Road work construction and inspection will be on hold until further notice 

Direct Phone: 781-397-7040
Direct Email:

Fire Department

Service Information

  • Essential fire functions continue as normal
  • Fire Prevention office will be closed to the public until March 30th. If you need assistance please email or call 781-397-7383. x 2210
  • The Malden Fire department will no longer be conducting SMOKE and CO detector compliance inspections until further notice.

    Due to an executive order signed by Governor Charlie Baker on March 20, 2020

    The Requirements of M.G.L. Chapter 148 Section 26F and 26F ½ are deferred for up to (90) days after the State of Emergency is lifted provided:

    • The buyer and seller agree, in writing, the buyer not the seller shall be responsible to equip the property with compliant Smoke and CO detectors/alarms and;
    • The buyer agrees to equip the property in accordance with 527 CMR 1.00, Chapter 13.

Direct Phone: 781-397-7383
Direct Email:


Service Information

  • Inspections will not take place during shutdown; although director has discretion to make exceptions
  • Issues or complaints handled on a case by case basis

Direct Phone: 781-397-7049
Direct Email:

Human Resources

Service Information

  • HR will work with Treasurers office weekly on timely payroll processing issues 
  • All interviews will be put on hold 
  • Will continue to handle and process deductions 

Direct Phone: 781-397-7000 x 2187
Direct Email:

Information Technology

Service Information

  • IT will assist employees needing assistance on remote assistance through city issued laptops 
  • IT should facilitate complete remote access for all department heads in category 2 
  • Facilitate phone support as needed

Direct Phone: 781-397-7154
Direct Email:

Legal Department

Service Information

  • Legal will remain available on an ad hoc basis to handle matters that require timely responses

Direct Phone: 781-397-7106
Direct Email:


Service Information

  • Continuing home deliveries
  • Closed until further notice
  • Remote Library Cards
  • Online books, audiobooks, movies, educational resources and more

Direct Phone: 781-333-0640
Direct Email:


Service Information

  • Ongoing constituent services
  • Utilize all communication methods to update residents

Direct Phone: 781-397-7000
Direct Email:


Service Information

  • Will continue to issue parking permits through mail and otherwise arrange for helping customers
  • Skeleton crew will continue to monitor parking on street and respond to see click fix issues 
  • Most non safety related parking restrictions are being relaxed

Direct Phone: (781) 397-7196
Direct Email:

Permits, Inspections & Planning Services

Service Information

  • Permits will continue to be issued remotely as through the issuance of 3 laptops to inspectors
  • Inspections will be handled case by case at the discretion of the inspector based upon circumstances 

Direct Phone: 781-397-7030
Direct Email:


Service Information

  • Essential police functions continue as normal 
  • Gun permits unavailable
  • Police detail admin continue as normal 
  • Animal Control can be reached by phone: (781)397-7141

Direct Phone: 781-397-7171 (non emergency)
Direct Email:

Public Facilities

Service Information

  • Staff to monitor empty buildings at least daily for any issues 
  • Continue to process mail

Direct Phone: 781-397-7032
Direct Email:

Public Works

Service Information

  • DPW offices closed.
  • Yard drop-off hours are 8am-4pm Monday-Friday, closed Saturdays and Sundays.
  •  Purchase orders will still be processed
  • will continuously be monitored
  •  Staff continues to work regularly scheduled at direction of director 
  • No street permits will be issued; no availability to buy recycle bins

Direct Phone: 781-397-7160


Service Information

  • All recreation programs and events cancelled until further notice 
  • All Malden parks are closed to all types of activity until further notice. This means that all parks are closed for passive exercise, organized games, walking the track and using the equipment. This also means all fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, playgrounds, dog parks and the community gardens.

Direct Phone: 781-397-7168


Service Information

Direct Phone: 781-397-6100
Direct Email:

Senior Center

Service Information

  • All classes and programs cancelled until further notice

Direct Phone: 781-397-7144

Teen Enrichment Center

Service Information

  • All classes and programs cancelled until further notice

Direct Phone: 857-312-0317


Service Information

  • Office is closed to the public
  • Parking hearings accepted by mail and drop box only
  • On April 3, 2020, Governor Baker signed into law Chapter 53 of the Acts of 2020. This new law permits Mayors to issue an Executive order relative to extended statutory deadlines and the collection of taxes, and collection and calculation of interest, penalties and fees. Our Mayor has issued an Executive order on April 7, 2020 a copy of which can be found here
  • Treasurer/Collector billing specific updates:
    • Real Estate tax bill due dates have been extended from May 1, 2020 to June 1, 2020. The calculation for interest on unpaid real estate and personal property tax has also been extended to June 1, 2020
    • Motor Vehicle Excise and Water bills will continue to be mailed. No interest or penalties will be applied to any outstanding Excise or Water bills that were issued with a due date after March 10, 2020 and are paid in full by June 30, 2020.
    • Payments can be made one of four ways; via Online bill pay by visiting, by phone using 855-984-1188, US Mail, or you may drop off your invoice with payment in the form of cash, check or money order in the secure drop box located outside of the 110 Pleasant Street City Hall location.
    • With the social distancing protocols in place we strongly encourage to you use one of the first three methods of payment. Also it is not recommended that you leave cash payments as you will not be provided a receipt, a voided check or money order can serve as your receipt.

      As Coronavirus (Covid-19) business related items evolve we will update this section to keep our constituents informed.

Direct Phone: 781-397-7090
Direct Email:

Veterans’ Services

Service Information

  • Needs of veterans will be handled case by case 
  • Continue to process monthly benefits 
  • Signup new services by appointment

Direct Phone: 781-397-7139

Water Utilities

Service Information

  • Emergency work will be addressed by the DPW
  • All non-emergency permits are closed until further notice

Direct Phone:781-397-7160