Dental Insurance

The City of Malden offers employees a Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier Plan and a DMS Cigna Dental Care Plan. Employees have 30 days from their initial date of hire to submit enrollment forms. 

Please note: Delta coverage, effective 30 days from date of hire (Ex: Hire date 07/11/2021 coverage effective 08/11/2021); CIGNA coverage, effective 1st of the month following one month of service (Ex: Hire date: 07/11/2021 coverage effective 09/01/2021).

Dental Comparison Chart

Plan Coverage DMS CIGNA Delta Dental
Deductible $0 $50/Individual or $150/Family
Office Visit Co-Pay $10 Varies
Calendar Year Maximum N/A $1,000/person
Preventative Coverage 100% 100%
Basic Restorative (i.e. fillings) 100% 50%
Major Restorative (i.e. crowns, root canals) 50% 50%
Orthodontia 50% 0%
Plan Type HMO PPO
Plan Summary You can find the Summary of Benefits here You can find the Summary of Benefits here
Enrollment Form DMS CIGNA Enrollment Form Delta Dental Enrollment Form
Individual Plan Monthly Rates $27.65 $44.00
Individual+1 Plan Monthly Rates $53.00 N/A
Family Plan Monthly Rates $76.00 $112.00