AGOP Community Input - Final Recommendations

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As one of Massachusetts' most diverse communities, Malden is proactively entering a national conversation on the role and practices of police officers. In June 2020, Mayor Gary Christenson created the UniteMalden2020 initiative, which included signing the Obama Foundation’s “Reimagining Policing Pledge.” The pledge called on cities to review police use of force policies, engage the community in conversation, and report findings. 

The Malden Police Department (MPD) has policies to establish a standard of conduct, set expectations, provide guidance and promote accountability. The Use of Force policy is particularly important since it dictates how and when officers should consider deploying force. The phrase “use of force” refers to the range of techniques officers use to ensure individuals comply with their commands and/or to protect life and property, up to and including lethal force. The MPD’s Use of Force Policy can be found here

The Mayor’s Advisory Group for Obama’s Pledge (AGOP) undertook the task of reviewing the current MPD Use of Force Policy. The group drafted recommended changes to the policy, gathered community input through a community meeting and a followup survey, incorporated this community feedback and then presented their final recommendations

If you have questions or would like to request a paper copy of the draft recommendations, use of force policy, and feedback form, please call 781-397-7000, Ext. 2005 or email