Mental Health Crisis Response

The Malden Police Department is proud to partner with Eliot Community Human Services in both responding to mental health emergencies and with providing assistance and resources to those in our community who may be suffering from a mental health disorder.  Clinicians with Eliot act as a 24/7 resource to officers responding to emergency calls involving individuals in crisis.  Additionally, our Jail Diversion Clinician Vanessa Spero provides for follow-up with members of the community who may be in need of further treatment assistance.  To aid in the follow-up process, officer reports involving individuals who may be in need of further assistance are flagged in our reporting system and then referred to the appropriate agency.

The Malden Police Department is committed to providing our officers with the tools to safely and effectively assist individuals in crisis.  Malden officers receive annual training in de-escalation techniques, ICAT (Integrating Communications, Assessment, and Tactics), and less lethal devices.  Additionally, many officers have received specialized training in Crisis Intervention, Mental Health 101, and negotiation.

Click here for information on mental health resources.