Community Food Assessment

What is a CFA

 A Community Food Assessment (or CFA) is a systematic process to identify and analyze food system needs and assets. The process of identifying these needs and assets is grounded in publicly reported data as well as input from the community through surveys, focus groups, and community meetings. This process raises awareness of food system assets, challenges, and opportunities, and provides evidence of the community’s needs-- which residents, community organizations, non-profits, and policymakers can use to advocate for effective policy and programs. The ultimate goal of a CFA is to channel the information gathered into a plan of action to achieve equitable access to healthy food.


We envision a healthier Malden community where all people, especially historically marginalized populations, have access to culturally preferred, high-quality, nutritious food.

Primary Goal 

The primary goal of conducting the Malden Community Food Assessment(CFA) is to create a shared understanding of the current state of resources and gaps present within Malden’s food system.

Malden Community Food Assessment Infographic