Disability Indicator Program

The Massachusetts Disability Indicator Program offers a free, voluntary service that alerts 9-1-1 public safety dispatchers and personnel that an individual with a disability may have unique safety, communications or other needs in case of an emergency.  This service was developed in consultation with organizations representing the mobility, hearing, speech and sight impaired communities.  This service is available for landline, wireless, and VoIP telephone service providers.  It is necessary to request the service through completion of the Disability Indicator Form located in the link below. 

Once the form is completed, it must be forwarded to the designated Municipal Coordinator for the city/town in which you reside.  Residents of Malden should submit the completed Disability Indicator Form to:

Sergeant John Kelley
Assistant Patrol Commander
Malden Police Department
800 Eastern Ave.
Malden, MA 02148

The form may also be submitted via E-mail

Annually, Verizon will send the Municipal Coordinator a current listing of those persons in their community who are enrolled in the disability indicator program for updating.  Verizon enters the new information into the 911 database.  The disability indicator information will remain in the 9-1-1 system until you submit an updated form to request a change or removal. It is your responsibility to complete another form and resubmit it to your Municipal Coordinator when there is a change in the information described on this form.  

A new Disability Indicator Form should be submitted for the following:

  • A person moves or no longer resides at that address.
  • The apartment number changes.
  • The telephone number changes.
  • To add or delete a disability.
  • The service provider changes.

Disability Indicator Form (PDF)
*If the Disability Indicator Form is not completed properly, the information will not be entered into the 9-1-1 database.