MBTA Bus Network Redesign

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Greater Boston has changed significantly in recent years, with shifting demographics, emerging employment districts, increasing traffic congestion, and changing travel patterns. The Bus Network Redesign completely reimagines the MBTA’s bus network to reflect these changes and create a better experience for current and future bus riders.

In November 2022, the MBTA Board voted to approve the updated Bus Network Redesign Map, which took into consideration over 20,000 comments from the public. The new network will be implemented in several phases, starting with the rollout of new routes in Summer 2023. The City will alert residents when these key changes take place.

How  can I learn more?

Here are some opportunities for you to learn about the Bus Network Redesign:

How can I provide feedback to the MBTA?

The MBTA board approved the Bus Network Redesign, so the public feedback period is now over.

How has the City engaged residents?

The City hosted a hybrid community meeting on Thursday, June 23rd from 6-8pm to give residents the opportunity to learn about the proposed changes, provide feedback to the MBTA, and discuss the tradeoffs. A panel consisting of members from the City’s Sustainable & Equitable Transportation Committee moderated the discussion and representatives from the MBTA provided a Malden-specific overview of the proposed map.

If you'd like to speak to someone from the City regarding this project, you can contact Jack Witthaus, Transportation Planner, Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development: jwitthaus@cityofmalden.org OR 781-324-5720 EXT 5740.