Climate Action Plan

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Mayor Gary Christenson announced in 2022 that Malden was beginning its first Climate Action Plan (CAP), following an initial grant award of technical assistance from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council. The CAP will be a roadmap for the City’s response to climate change, laying out how the City can prevent damage from extreme weather, reduce its energy use, and support residents in doing the same.

Internal work on the Climate Action Plan began this winter, with City staff and MAPC doing a Greenhouse Gas Audit of the City and creating a list of City policies and practices that impact climate, which is called a base conditions survey. We will use these tools to set goals for lowering our emissions and to understand what City policies need to change for us to meet those goals.

Community engagement will be an essential focus of the Climate Action Plan, starting this April with the City's Earth Day events. We have formed a resident Steering Committee to help design our community engagement strategies and participate in carrying them out, and we are excited to start reaching out to our community members about this exciting work.

We hope you will engage with the CAP process early and often! Updates on the process will be posted here and on the City's social media pages. 


On March 6th MAPC presented a draft audit of Malden's greenhouse gas emissions to the City's Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Commission. You can watch this meeting here.

The slides from the presentation are available below under "Related Documents."


Winter 2023: CAP process started; Malden put out an application for the Steering Committee and interviewed and selected members. We are working with MAPC to produce a Greenhouse Gas Audit and base conditions assessment, which will help direct our focus as we progress through the CAP process.

Spring and Summer 2023: Community engagement meetings, focus groups, and surveys collect resident feedback on how climate change impacts them and what action they want to see from the City.

Fall 2023: MAPC, the City’s partner on the CAP, analyzes what we have learned from our community engagement work and from talking with City staff and stakeholders.

Early 2024: The Climate Action Plan is published and Malden gets to work on its recommendations.