Climate Action Plan

Mayor Gary Christenson recently announced that Malden will soon begin working on its first Climate Action Plan (CAP), following an initial grant award of technical assistance from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council. The CAP will be a roadmap for the City’s response to climate change, laying out how the City can prevent damage from extreme weather, reduce its energy use, and support residents in doing the same.

The CAP will start this fall and the first phase will be heavily focused on community engagement. Malden plans to establish an Advisory Committee for the plan, which will be made up of Malden residents from environmental justice communities and guide the City’s efforts to engage with community members about climate issues. Residents are encouraged to ask questions, provide feedback, and share concerns during the planning process, which will help guide the City’s response to climate concerns.

More information about the Climate Action Plan, including how to apply to be part of the Advisory Committee and when community meetings will be held, will be posted here and on Malden’s social media pages.


Fall 2022: CAP process starts; City puts out an application for the advisory committee and selects committee members.

Winter-Spring 2022-2023: Community engagement meetings, focus groups, and surveys collect resident feedback on how climate change impacts them and what action they want to see from the City.

Spring 2023: MAPC, the City’s partner on the CAP, produces a report summarizing what we’ve learned.

Throughout this process Malden will work to find funding for the second phase of the CAP, which will produce the final report with specific recommendations and potential timelines for implementing them.