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  1. Malden Snow and Ice Removal Infographic
    Property owners are required to remove snow from the sidewalks abutting their property within a certain amount of time after the DPW has declared the "End of Snow Operations" for a particular storm. For homes and residences under 5 units, you must clear the snow within 24 hours of the above mentioned time. For commercial property and residences with 5 units or more, the requirement is 12 hours.

    This point in time not only indicates when the clock starts ticking for compliance but also gives assurance that our plows are not out in full force potentially pushing snow back onto sidewalks that may have already been cleared during the storm.

    If you find a sidewalk that is non-compliant after the appropriate time has elapsed, you can report it on our resident reporting system

    Please remember that compliance with these rules greatly helps the safety of Malden's many pedestrian commuters including children who walk to school. Please use our infographic(PDF) as a quick reference guide.