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November 18, 2021 4:41 PM

Yard Waste Delay

As many residents have observed recently, there have been significant delays in our trash, recycling and yard waste collection. We recently met with our hauler JRM to discuss what is causing these delays. We were informed that due to severe resource shortages at dumping facilities around the state, the trucks dedicated to Malden's collection have been behind in their ability to dump loads throughout the day, in some cases waiting in line for many hours to dump a truck's trash. For reference, this is a regular operation that normally takes under an hour for a round trip. With these recent delays coming during yard waste collection season, it has a ripple effect on all other collection efforts including recycling and yard waste as it is the same group of drivers and trucks.

JRM has assured us that they are putting as many resources as they have available to expedite Malden's collection but the reality is that many collections over the next several weeks will be delayed.

What can residents do?
• Sign up for our trash notification system at so you can receive up to the minute updates on what's going on for any given day or collection.

• For yard waste, please leave it on the curb as JRM will eventually get to it this week. It may be several days late - but it will be collected.

• For trash and recycling, please keep it on your sidewalk ensuring that everything is properly contained making use of your city-issued trash and recycling carts as well as any overflow containers you have to prevent trash bags from sitting on the street.

• Residents may also bring yard waste to the DPW Yard, 356 Commercial Street, Monday through Friday 8 AM-4 PM and Saturday 8 AM-12 Noon.

We would like to thank our residents for their patience!

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