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Emergency Management

  1. Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) Signup

    The City of Malden now has a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). The Team consists of resident volunteers who join Malden first... More…

Employment & Other Opportunities Application Forms

  1. Boards & Commissions Application Form

    Use this form to apply to be a member of a Board, Commission or Community Forum Group. Please only submit an application if an... More…

Health Department

  1. Health Department Permit Holder Contact Information Update form

    Health Department Permit Holders must use this form to update their contact information.

  1. Rental Unit Inspection Application


  1. ADA Grievance Complaint Form
  2. Career Connections Service Request Form

    Please complete the following request form to receive more information or schedule Career Connections services.

  3. Malden Community Hub
  4. PAYT Cart opt out form
  5. Website Help - Chinese
  6. Website Help - Portuguese
  7. Website Help - Vietnamese
  1. Boards and Commissions Application
  2. City of Malden Business Assistance Program Interest List

    The City of Malden, in collaboration with the Malden Redevelopment Authority, is creating a small business assistance program to assist... More…

  3. Malden's 375th Birthday Wishes

    Upload your warmest happy birthday wish to the City of Malden Massachusetts who is celebrating its 375th birthday. We would be honored... More…

  4. Website Help - Arabic
  5. Website Help - Haitian Creole
  6. Website Help – Spanish

Police Department Forms

  1. Business Registration Form

    Businesses in the city are encouraged to register with us and provide after-hours contact information in the event of an emergency... More…

  2. Commendations, Complaints, & Suggestions

    This form is only for commending, lodging a complaint against or making a suggestion regarding a member (both sworn and non-sworn) of... More…

  3. SafeWatch Program Registration

    Register a person with a disability or condition that may cause them to wander from their safe environment.

  1. Citizen's Police Academy Application

    Malden residents and business owners at least 18 years of age who would like to apply to attend the citizen's police academy should... More…

  2. Report an Ongoing Traffic Issue / Concern

    Use this form to report an ongoing traffic issue such as speeding cars, etc.

  3. Student Officer Employment Application

    This application should only be submitted after the applicant has received notification from the Malden Police Recruit Investigation... More…