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PAYT Cart opt out form

  1. Opt Out Description/Meaning
    Opting out of the PAYT Cart program is intended only for residents who live in 6 family homes ore fewer who either already have private trash/recycling collection or have already purchased carts and do not have room at the property to store new carts. If you are uncertain if you should opt out, we STRONGLY recommend that you do NOT opt out and ACCEPT the carts.
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  3. Opt Out Ackknowledgement*
    I understand that by opting out, the City of Malden will not deliver a set of free trash and recycling carts to the Address/Units indicated. If this is done in error, the homeowner will later be required to purchase carts to participate in the program. This does not prevent me from having to use Malden's PAYT program, only from using the carts.
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