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Student Officer Employment Application


  1. 1. Student Officer Application
  2. 2. Relationships
  3. 3. Court Orders
  4. 4. Residential History
  5. 5. Residential History Continued
  6. 6. Employment History
  7. 7. Employment History Continued
  8. 8. Law Enforcement Experience
  9. 9. Educational History
  10. 10. Military Record
  11. 11. Driver's License Information
  12. 12. Driver History
  13. 13. Fines, Tickets, Excise Taxes
  14. 14. Other Licenses
  15. 15. Languages Spoken
  16. 16. Financial Background
  17. 17. Financial Background Continued
  18. 18. Gaming / Gambling
  19. 19. Use of Alcohol
  20. 20. History of Drug Use or Experimentation
  21. 21. Other Personal Declarations
  22. 22. Other Personal Declarations Continued
  23. 23. References
  24. 24. Training, Skills, Abilities, Interests
  25. 25. Applicant's Certification
  26. 26. Supplemental Insert to Police Application
  • Student Officer Application

    1. Student Officer Application


      Providing false or misleading information or purposely withholding information will result in rejection of your application, dismissal from employment and potential removal from the Civil Service eligibility list.  Accordingly, all questions must be answered.  If space provided is not sufficient for complete answers or you wish to furnish additional information, use the form provided to you by the Recruit Investigation Unit.  Be sure to specify which section and question you are providing information for.  Return this form along with other required documentation to your background investigator.  This additional information must also be true and accurate.

    2. optional

    3. dd/mm/yyyy

    4. City, State, Country

    5. Feet, Inches

    6. If Yes, Explain

    7. If Yes, Explain

    8. If Yes, Briefly Explain

    9. List all other names you have used including any surname, maiden name, or alias names.
    10. Explain when and under what circumstances this name was used

    11. Explain when and under what circumstances this name was used

    12. If Yes, Indicate the date of the change, court record location, and reason for change

    13. *Provide all related documentation to your background investigator.
    14. Current Address
    15. List All.  Starting with your primary e-mail address that you wish communications related to your application to be sent.  Separate with a comma.